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14 Master Bedroom Design Ideas For Your 4-Room HDB BTO Singapore

The bedroom is where we sleep, rest and recharge. Its purpose has been to provide comfort and shelter, which means it has to have a utilitarian design. Homes are now considering bedrooms as more than just another room in the house. Modern homes want to design bedrooms that reflect the personality of each family member.

For that reason, we’ve created 4-room HDB BTO renovation ideas for your master bedroom that you can try based on your preferences.

Add a sitting area in your master bedroom

A seating area is a great addition to a master bedroom renovation ideas. It can provide additional comfort if need be. Although it’s great to enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation, a little sofa on the foot of the bed is the perfect place to enjoy the comfort of a great night’s sleep.

Beyond a sofa, chair, and reading table, you can add more pieces of furniture to complete your home office. There are many concepts that can be turned into master bedroom with separate sitting area ideas, such as this one.

Use textured bed sheet to create depth

With interior design, textures add character and depth to your BTO bedroom design. Bedrooms that have a mix of textures are especially fun when played with. Warmth and coziness are what you should create for the master bedroom design. Textiles lend homeliness to a space and can be used as much or as little as one wishes.

The first textiles that matter are the beddings, namely bed covers, bedsheets, and pillow covers. If you’re interested in creating a space that is both unique and luxurious, using different materials such as silk, cotton, and wool in different ways creates a space that is not easy to leave.

A throw pillow is a great way to warm up a room. Bedrooms can be defined by warm floor rugs, carpets, and foot mats.

Create a walk-in closet

There are several ways to achieve the perfect walk-in wardrobe. Create a smart home for yourself right in your HDB 4-room master bedroom with some innovative design ideas.

Luxurious wall for your 4 room master bedroom

Wallpapering is old-style. Textured walls are the saviors! Adding patterns to your walls and furniture will make your home look amazing. When making the decision of what paint colors, texture, and patterns to use for the walls of your master bedroom, there are many factors to consider for making your walls look luxurious.

Use your art to give personalization to your master bedroom

A master bedroom should include art, as it is a personal dialogue and reflection, showcasing an individual’s likes and dislikes. It’s a good idea to have artwork in the bedroom to add character and depth because it’s not only for bedrooms.

You don’t need to be like everyone else to be different; choose something that resonates with you as an individual. Choose between many small pieces or one single statement artwork for your room. Display it on one wall if possible. Play with colors and contrast, and use this as a reference point to build up the character of your space.

Choose the right lighting

Many young couples attempt to recreate their childhood home when they move into a new home. This includes one tube light in the center of the room for many people in Singapore. Nothing else, and that’s all. It’s not desirable to use such “traditional” methods. There is a reason that a single light source acts like a harsh spotlight. Shadows are cast in the other parts of the room because there is only one lit spot in the room. There will be places that are no longer alive.

In other words, try to aim for scattered light by using multiple light sources, so it’s not obvious where the light is coming from. False lighting, track lighting, and track lights are all very good options. To give a master bedroom a little more flair, add some pillows, and place them along the edges of the wall, or even above artwork. 

204D Compassvale Drive – Bedroom 1

Use floating shelves

Recessed shelves are a good option if you want to store items without taking up too much space, since they are built into walls. You can buy beautiful bedroom furniture to accentuate your favourite colour or a sleek floating shelf for a trendy look. Alternatively, you can have a designer update your room with the latest trends. These can be installed in parts of the master bedroom.

Use colors and stripes

The default colour to make your room feel spacious is white, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. White rooms tend to feel cold. Opt for softer, darker colors, just a shade away from white, to make your room feel warmer and inviting.

You can choose warm pastel colors, such as millennial pink, to visually enlarge a small space. You’re probably thinking it will be too dark because of how much darker the colors are.

Use lights curtains and blinds form more luxurious master bedroom

A dark and heavy curtain will add a sophisticated, yet cozy feel to your tiny space. If it is the only thing in your room, don’t worry. Go for sheer fabrics because that lets light and air come in. Preventing glare is important. To maximize privacy, opt for blinds. They are simple to use and easy to adjust. You can control how much light enters the room when needed.

Add quirky accents for your master bedroom

If you don’t have a lot of money, you should definitely get an interior designer  with various package that will come up with unique ideas for your home, one of which is 9Creation.

Quirky is defined as something odd or unusual. It usually includes creativity, imagination, humor or an interesting fact about the person that you want to include in your master bedroom. When you’re designing a master bedroom, you’ll want to consider the layout, the space, and the style that match your personality and taste. You may also want to include sliding doors or creeping floor tiles.

You can always do what your own imagination leads you to do. You could, for example, try carving out a round hole in the wall of your hallway and put a double mirror just like the one below. If you want to make your house look more spacious, you must go for these kinds of ways.

Create false ceiling in your master bedroom

False ceilings are a very popular trend in Singaporean master bedrooms; particularly for the choices they offer in lighting. Cove lighting or recessed lighting helps to create the perfect ambiance for relaxing, reading and sleeping. It helps soften light, making it easier to fall asleep.


Use Japandi design for your master bedroom

Japandi is a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design styles.

A collaboration between the design and art worlds in Tokyo, Japan, Japandi takes natural elements and minimalism and pairs it with the commitment to natural materials and raw colour, resulting in elegant, simple, and down to earth interiors.

The most beautiful master bedroom is one that is perfectly styled for its occupants. This style is a perfect fit. It’s a simple and elegant look that will keep your master bedroom from looking cluttered.

Use your bedroom walls to create a focal point

Don’t get frustrated if it seems a bit confusing. With practice, this tip will become very simple for you to understand. You’re right, homeowners often neglect their master bedroom walls. Your home is an important part of your life, and you need a focal point. A focal point is a good place to start.

5 ways to show your focal point in a room:

  • Through furniture
  • Through accents
  • Choosing the right lighting that will stands out
  • Colour
  • Your room texture, pattern, and shape of room, furniture, etc

Make your master bedroom a cozy space

It is a good idea to create a comfortable space in your bedroom. The first thing that comes to mind for a bedroom is comfort. It is necessary to have warm beds, cheerful décor, and furniture for this purpose. Whether it’s with the cosiest space or with a touch of your favourite colour, don’t forget to make your living room feel as comfortable as possible.

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Building a master bedroom should be an exciting experience for you and your family. But it can also be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. And let’s face it – it’s not always possible to build a custom master bedroom in your home. That’s why you need a professional who knows how to take care of the details so you don’t have to.

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