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Master Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Look Great In Small Space In Singapore

Looking for bedroom layout inspiration to make your master bedroom look great in a small space?

There are many bedroom design ideas In Singapore, that can help you make the most of a small bedroom. For example, one idea is to use furniture with storage underneath or drawers so there’s less clutter on the floor. Another idea is to keep the bed against a wall and place dressers and other furniture along this same wall. This will give you or interior designers more space in front of the platform bed which can be used as an office area or sitting area.

These bedroom interior designs will help you create enough space and a room that feels spacious and effective solution even when it isn’t! Check out these bedroom design ideas today!

Practical Singapore Bedroom design ideas for small spaces to make look big different

A bedroom is the personal sanctuary where you can escape from the outside world and unwind in a private space. But even though bedrooms are often quite small, it doesn’t have to feel that way with some creative bedroom design ideas. Here’s how to make any bedroom look big despite its size.


Merge Rooms Together

You don’t have to conform with the tiny size of HDB houses. Break free from tradition and create new living spaces by hacking down walls! Hack away at those pesky bedroom walls and combine two rooms into one larger bedroom design that suits your needs better than a small space ever could!


Play With Colours & Stripes

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. Your bedroom should feel like a place you can relax and be yourself, not just somewhere to sleep at night before getting up for another day.

The default colour people tend think about when they want their space to feel larger is white, but this doesn’t always have to be the case; sometimes too much light reflects off these walls, which makes them seem colder than intended . A better option would probably be soft neutrals —just slightly away from pure white—which are more warm and inviting.

A Walk-in Wardrobe: L-shaped Wardrobe

An L-shaped wardrobe design is a minimalist style that has 2 adjacent walls for storing clothing and accessories, utilising corner space. Open up sufficient footspace which prevents the bedroom from looking cluttered.

Standard benefits:

– Maximize your space by using the L-shaped design.

– Get more clothes in less space with double doors and a shelf.

– You’ll have a place to store all your clothes.

– No more digging through piles of clothes trying to find what you’re looking for.

Emotional benefits:

– You’ll have more room for all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

– Never worry about having to dig through piles of clothes again!

– Get dressed in the morning without having to dig through piles of clothes.


Galley Style Wardrobe

A galley style wardrobe is a type of closet that has shelves on either side of the walls and is open in the middle. It provides one with the ability to see what they have available to wear, which can be helpful if you don’t have a lot of clothes.

Standard benefits:

– A galley style wardrobe will free up a lot of space in your bedroom.

– You’ll be able to store more clothes in the same amount of space as before.

Emotional benefits:

– Live with less clutter and more orderliness.

– Clear out some much needed living space without moving house.


See-through Enclosed Wardrobe

Another option is to carve aside a tiny portion of your bedroom for your clothes. Avoid entirely enclosing the closet in solid opaque material, since this would make the room seem quite claustrophobic. Instead, use clear glass panels. It enables more light to travel through, giving the space a smoother appearance and making it easier to see your apparel.


Add Natural Light Curtains & Blinds elements in your master bedroom design

Blinds and curtains should be in light colors with thin material to let the natural lighting in while preventing direct glare from the sun. Curtains should not block out light or make a room look smaller. Choose sheer fabrics, as they will provide more natural lighting, and thin fabrics, so that you can easily see through it.

Standard benefits:

  • Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.
  • Keep out the light and sound from outside.
  • Provide privacy so you can sleep in peace.
  • And blind will protects your furniture from the sun
  • Offer protection against drafts, insects, and pets.

Emotional benefits:

  • Get some good shut eye every night without being disturbed by light or noise.
  • you can find more light in the bedroom and you can sleep better, it creates a warmer feeling in the room

Creative Headboard Styling For Extra Storage

Who doesn’t want more storage space in their bedroom? Creative headboard styling is a great way to get it. And, with the right materials and some time, you can have your own custom look for affordable budget!

This ideas will take you through all of the steps that are needed to transform an ordinary headboard into something extraordinary. Read on to find out how!


Slim Drawers In Headboard

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your bedroom, so why not make it as comfortable as possible?  A nice option is to get some slim drawers built into the headboard. This will give you more storage space without cluttering up the room with a dresser or nightstand. It also makes for an interesting look that will set your bed apart from all others in your home.

Standard benefits:

  • More storage space in a smaller area.
  • Less clutter in your bedroom.

Emotional benefits:

  • A stunning, unique look for your bed.
  • The best way to make sure you have all the clothes and accessories you need at hand before getting dressed in the morning.


Creating Recessed Shelves In The Walls

We’ve all seen those houses with the recessed shelves built into the walls. The idea is that you can store things like books, DVDs and other items in these special spaces. Most of these are made out of wood or some type of composite material. 

One thing most people don’t think about when it comes to building them is how they will be finished on the inside. There are a few options for this – one being just leaving it unfinished, another being applying a sealant such as polyurethane to help protect from moisture damage and still others who want to really take their time might go even further by adding trim work or decorative molding around the edges which would not only look nice but also give an extra layer of protection against moisture and puncture damage. I think this is a great idea if you are really good with your hands, but for those of us who aren’t it would be much simpler to simply use a can of spray paint to cover the inside.


Standard benefits:

  • Store your things in style.
  • Find the perfect spot for everything.

Emotional benefits:

  • Get organized and be clutter free.
  • Save time looking for lost items


Small Bedroom ideas: Surrounding with Bookshelves

The idea of a small bedroom can be daunting, with so many ideas for how to make it work. One way is by surrounding yourself with bookshelves and other pieces of furniture that will help you feel more cozy.

This creative choice will also provide you with loads of reading material and entertainment when you’re in the mood for something different than TV or the internet.

Standard benefits:

  • One way is by surrounding yourself with bookshelves and other pieces of furniture that will help you feel more cozy.
  • This creative choice will also provide you with loads of reading material and entertainment when you’re in the mood for something different than TV or the internet.

Emotional benefits:

  • You’ll never be bored again!


Overbed Wardrobe Storage

Wardrobe storage is a problem that many people face.  Most of the time, they either cram their clothes into drawers or pile them in closets to the point where you can’t find what you want. But there are better ways to store your wardrobe than just throwing everything in and hoping for the best.

One often overlooked solution is overbed wardrobe storage. This type of closet takes up almost no space because it hangs over your bed and stores all of your clothes inside as opposed to taking up floor space like most wardrobes do. You get more drawer space under your bed for other things, so even if you don’t have much room in your bedroom, this may be an option worth considering! The only downside

Standard benefits:

  • Save space in your bedroom.
  • Clothes are easy to access and take up less room.

Emotional benefits:

  • Look forward to getting dressed every day with a new outfit.
  • You can be ahead of the latest fashion trends by turning to your overbed wardrobe.
  • You will always look good for a date or an important work meeting, even if last minute changes come up.
  • Makes it easier to have a perfectly organized wardrobe which is not hard

Having a tiny master bedroom does not have to be a hardship. We hope these six design suggestions inspire you to create a practical yet pleasant space. Do you have any fresh ideas that you’d want to try? Contact us now and Let’s renovate with 9Creation