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Less is More – Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Minimalist interior design has been one of the staple interior design styles for over a decade. Minimalism has gone through a century of evolution and is gaining popularity as of late. To some, it’s nothing more than a set of cold white-box rooms – a boring style with no inherent aesthetic qualities. However, there’s so much more to minimalism apart from clearing out your space and decking your walls in a palette of plain white. Therefore, you will need to truly understand its essence to appreciate the art of minimalism.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci.

While embracing minimalism might not be for everyone, it is always nice to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the meaning behind this interior design genre.

What is a Modern Minimalist Interior Design?

Modern minimalist interior design is essentially a form of art that promotes extreme spareness and simplicity. The arrangements of functional furniture, geometric shapes, clean-lined objects, space-saving elements are all recognisable features of the minimalist interior design.

A modern minimalist interior design can transform any Condominium or HDB into a cosy and lively space. Although being two different interior design styles, the modern minimalist design share plenty of similarities with Scandinavian interior design. The “less is more” principle still applies in such combinations, embracing simplicity as its norm and mantra.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Interior Design?

You’ll need to adopt a careful and precise restraint on your interior design choices if you are looking to achieve a minimalistic look for your abode. A minimalist interior design is one that only consists of the bare essentials, you have to be willing to let go of the extras and be prepared to redefine what you consider as ‘essentials’.

The minimalist interior design is great for small spaces! Achieving a minimalist HDB or Condominium space requires you to focus on creating a serene and uncluttered home. You’ll have to truly embrace the idea of letting every detail “breathe”. Simultaneously, everything should exude some warmth and beauty instead of being an all-white, cold and sterile environment that can be soulless and dull at times.

Blk 228B Ang Mo Kio, 4Room BTO Flat

For a unified and clean look, the dominant colour palette in a minimalist home design should be a neutral monochrome tone to create bright, airy and elegant spaces. A two-toned colour palette is commonly used, where a mix of subtle colour choices are added as accents to incorporate homely vibes and keep the space dynamic.

When everything else is subdued, multiple textures in the form of textiles like rugs, carpets and throws bring in added vigour to your minimalist home design. You will likely see lots of layered woven textures mixed with iconic mid-century ideas. Check out our room-by-room guide that will show you the art of minimalist interior design:

The Minimalist Living Room

One thing that makes a minimalist living room stand out is the modern feel it exudes. That’s why you’ll often find pieces of modern chairs and stylish sofas and armchairs. What’s more, the layout is almost always smart and airy, without being too bold or rich. As expected, the idea is to establish a simple yet cosy appeal. The primary essential furniture in the living space and patterned rug complete the look of this space.

Blk 353B Anchorvale Lane 3 Room, HDB BTO

One of the ways to personalise your living room is to mix it with industrial-style accents. The unmistakable industrial feel includes slender modern seatings with metal light fixtures and a plush rug. Focus on the contrasting neutrals and add some white and black pops for a complete industrial minimalist interior design.

You can bring some bolder colours as accents, but the clean-lined look should remain as your primary goal. You cannot deny the use of clean design lines in Minimalist interior designs, they have smooth and functional design sensibilities that create airy and uncluttered spaces.

Another mix of styles involves the use of luxe materials like velvet, hides, and marble. Moreover, you’d want to bring in a few mid-century furniture pieces. Use some bold tones to contrast the rest of the neutral minimalist interior design. That way you’ll establish a simplistic but chic living area where you can read your favourite magazines or newspapers.

In minimalist interior design, it’s a great idea to mix soft lines with a casual contemporary vibe. This modern minimalist interior design uses deep comfy seatings with a functional storage coffee table. You can add the standard neutral cushions and rungs with a piece or two of simple art in wooden frames. Ideally, you’d want to stick to the neutrals and light wood hues to establish a relaxing, functional feel.

The Minimalist Bedroom

When you think of the bedroom, it’s probably the place where you spend most of your time when you’re home. That’s why it’s vital to make your rest coves relaxing and tranquil. Meanwhile, the goal is to establish a genuinely minimalist and uncomplicated vibe with some modern accents. You can quickly achieve this by implementing fewer but more unique furnishings.

Like your living room, you can choose to go the industrial route by adding a striking bed. You can pick one with a frame to make a statement and complement it with a stylish headboard. You can mix the industrial light fixtures and the contrasting black and white colours with a neutral palette. Playing with textiles like adding soft grey pillows, blankets and rugs will add vigour and a new dimension to your minimalist HDB interior design.

Of course, the notion of mid-century vibes may feel much more inviting. If you want to make your minimalist bedroom exude luxe vibes, focus on woody tones and earthy colours. Also, don’t forget to pair the natural tones with the typical minimalist bright whites as a foundation.

This Scandinavian-style minimalist bedroom idea also brings in lots of casual-chic vibes, looking simple and being extremely convenient. A wooden side table, a warm-toned rug and standard fixtures will complement the clean lines for an overall minimalist feel.

Focus on a bold blue statement wall. Mix it with bright yellow and white details like wall art, a night lamp and an alarm clock. Finish the symmetry with a round-shaped side table, white bedding and a grey headboard.

The Minimalist Dining Room

Most of the time, a minimalist interior design uses a few statement pieces for an area. The dining room can benefit with chairs of clean lines and a stylish chandelier. Still, you can go further by adding a mid-century dining table along with chrome-base seatings.

Wooden tones will perfectly blend with the overall airiness. Add some abstract pieces of art and a greyish rug to complete the mid-century minimalist interior design.

Perhaps, a traditional minimalist dining area may be a more practical solution. After all, that’s probably the best option for an open-concept dining room. You can try adding elements that go with the interior theme while adding character to the overall space. Simply bring in some minimalist furniture, including upholstered chairs and a modern wood table. Perhaps, you can also use a bench to add some visual interest.

Don’t forget the traditional off-white lunar chandelier and some greenery to accentuate the light and cosy atmosphere. Light fixtures add personality that is a nice addition to a minimalistic space.

If the space allows for it, you can also add a complementing rug and some contemporary abstract art. You’ll immediately feel the sense of comfort in the chic yet simplistic dining area.

Arguably, wood is a timeless material that you’d always want to implement in a modern minimalist interior design. You need just a few rustic and organic elements to give the minimalist dining room warmth and cosiness. Let’s not forget the upholstered chairs, plants, and neutral rug to complete the contrasting look.

The Minimalist Kitchen

A stylish kitchen is often the highlight of a house’s interior design. The minimalist kitchen is a popular option that many homeowners will easily select, as its primary purpose is to give off the reassurance of practicality. Hence, the modern minimalist interior design for the kitchen usually offers an all-white design palette with pops of other colours as accents.

Usually, you may use some light wood accents, but it’s not necessary. After all, the idea is to keep the overall look clean and straightforward. Alternatively, you can mix white cabinets with black appliances for a more contemporary feel.

A minimalist kitchen from Tampines Street 21

A minimalist kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely monochromatic. At times, all-white may seem to be too cold and dull. You can tweak white with a tiny pop of other colours and details to help brighten and liven up the atmosphere in the kitchen! Focus on the kitchen’s focal points with some dimmed lights. The contrasting hues will do the rest.

If possible, create an open-plan HDB kitchen that complements with the minimalist interior design theme.

The Minimalist Bathroom

Blk 308C Punggol Waterway 5 Room HDB Resale

Blk 438A Bukit Batok Ave 8, 4 Room HDB BTO

Simplify your bathroom with a minimalist interior design. The bathroom shown here uses a monochrome white and grey colour scheme with a mix of tiles and textured wall designs. Everything else is kept subtle in the bathroom, with elegant marble textured wall tiles and a terrazzo vanity countertop that adds character to the bathroom. The modular vanity unit comes with handleless cabinets that adhere to the minimal theme.

The minimalist interior design theme matches very well with small spaces, so it is great for your HDB or Condominium bathrooms which tend to be limited in space.

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