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4 Ultimate Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Are you searching for modern and contemporary interior design ideas to add style and color to your home?

Modern contemporary interior design in Singapore has been popular. A well-designed and well-organized interior design is a great way to add an extra boost of energy to your home. Not only can you do this to make your home more beautiful, but you can also use it to increase the energy and performance of your house. It can also be an investment for you! 

Among many different types of interior design styles that you can choose from, modern contemporary design is perfect for those who want a sleek and stylish home that is also unique and eye-catching. If you’re interested in modern contemporary interior design, here are a few ideas based on how 9Creation create modern contemporary style for your home:

Contemporary VS Modern Interior Design

There are actually some distinct differences between the two. Contemporary design is often described as having clean, simple lines, and functional, while modern design is more ornate and detailed. Contemporary design is also more focused on function over form, while modern design takes a more holistic approach. However, contemporary and modern interior design styles are often used interchangeably and you can combine their style for your home decor. For example, Kelly Oriental implemented this style in their store and it creates a luxurious look. When mixing modern and contemporary furniture, choose pieces that have similar lines, wood tones or colors. This will create a cohesive look in your space.

1. Use Geometric Shapes and Patterns

One way to use geometric shapes and patterns in your home is to create a feature wall. This can be done by painting one wall in a bold color or using wallpaper with a geometric design. You can also hang artwork or photos that feature geometric shapes or patterns. Another way to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns into your home is to use them in your furniture and decor. Look for furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes, and accessorize with patterns and shapes. You can also use geometric shapes and patterns in your floor tiles or art prints. If you’re not sure where to start, 9Creation has many inspirational ideas from our experts that will suit your taste. With our service, you can easily have a touch of modern style to your home.

2. Go for Clean and Minimalistic Lines

These days, contemporary and modern interior design is all about clean and minimalistic lines. This means that you should avoid any sort of clutter in your home and go for a more simplistic look. You can achieve this by choosing furniture and décor with simple, clean lines. 9Creation only chooses the furniture you would want to use and how it will look best in your space. The furniture should be simple and functional, and the overall design should be uncluttered and serene.

3. Stick to A Neutral Color Palette

Another way to create a modern contemporary interior design for your home is to use a neutral color palette. This means using a lot of black, white, and grey in your décor. Monochromatic colors are a good choice for contemporary spaces, as they create a sense of unity and cohesion. You can also add in pops of color here and there to give your home some personality and create a more vibrant look. Just be sure to use them sparingly, as too much color can make a space look busy and cluttered. 

4. Incorporate Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials into your home design is a great way to create a modern contemporary look. Using materials like wood, stone, and plants can help to bring the outdoors in and create a refreshing and inviting space. There are a few things we keep in mind when we incorporate natural materials into your home design. First, we will consider the overall style of your home and how the natural materials will fit into the existing design. Then, we think about the functionality of the space and how the materials will be used. For example, if you like to use wood for flooring, we will recommend choosing a durable option that can withstand heavy traffic. By incorporating natural materials into your home design, 9Creation will help you create a fresh and modern look for your home that will impress your guests.

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