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Modern Scandinavian Design Interior in HDB Flats

Scandinavian decor has become a global phenomenon. Beloved for its simplicity, function, and connection to the natural world, this style of interior design offers understated elegance to residential and commercial spaces alike. Functional, simple and cozy, the Scandinavian interior design is so popular because it makes spaces appear clean and inviting at the same time. It strikes a fine balance between functionalism and minimalism.

Scandinavian modern style prioritized democratic, affordable, and sleek furnishings and interiors. Clean lines, functional furnishings, and a neutral palette were hallmarks of modernist style everywhere. But the Scandinavian design of the era was also heavily influenced by the Nordic region’s cold, short winter days and a desire for interiors to be cozy yet bright.

These practical considerations led to a new level of spare elegance and a fondness for lighter colors, simple forms, and open-plan spaces. Designed to maximize light at every turn, Nordic interiors also began to favor pale-colored walls and flooring and spaces free of clutter and ornamentation. Rather than serving just one function—such as a dining room, say, that would only be used on occasion for special events—open-plan, flexible spaces could accommodate a variety of activities, furthering the practicality of their design.

Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design


Traditional Scandinavian homes are often small and have no space for clutter and chunky furniture. Naturally, this minimalist feature has been brought over to newer, larger homes and become a key characteristic in Scandinavian design.

With an emphasis on balancing functionality and simplistic beauty, themed HDBs rely on the purposeful placement of furniture. All it needs is a few classy pieces to tie the look together.


Scandinavian countries experience prolonged periods of darkness (known as polar nights) so natural light is always maximised in their interior design.

Sheer curtains are often used in Singapore’s rendition of this popular theme to let light seep in without being too jarring. Having natural light also brightens up the entire room so you don’t have to use filters in your selfies!


The colour palette of a Scandinavian home plays a part as well. It usually consists of not more than 4 neutral shades with a focus on whites and lighter colours.

Coupled with the presence of natural light, a muted palette further illuminates Scandinavian homes to tackle the darkness. Aside from that, they also have the added benefit of making rooms look more spacious and classy.


Scandinavian design always includes wood elements, at any corner of the room. But not just any wood – lighter woods are preferred to give the home a chill holiday vibe.


It’s no secret that Scandinavians love nature! So, outdoor elements are brought into their homes by incorporating live plants.

Flower expert Bouqs recommends to pop some freshly cut flowers on the table or some plants at the corner of the room to transform the aura of your interior.

Pop a plant or two on your table or at the corner of your room to add some life to any room in your home. The natural light will give them all the sunlight they need; all you have to do is to water them!

Here are some design inspirations for the different rooms in your HDB



Long windows can be installed to maximise natural light in your living room. This livens up the space and highlights the light wood furniture. To add some fun and liveliness into your home, choose a unique lighting for your dining table and add some potted plants at strategic spots.

A feature wall with colour blocking can also be used to inject some colour and tie in all the elements of wood. Only functional and simplistic furniture (i.e. sofa and coffee table) are included to keep with the minimalism.


For HDB kitchen designs, this galley kitchen features all-white cabinets finished with light wood countertops. Most appliances such as the fridge, microwave and oven have been built-in to contribute to the clutter-free characteristic of Scandinavian design. To add on, the white brick wall and backsplash offer a polished feel to the entire kitchen.


For 5 room HDB interior design – live plants, light coloured wood furniture, neutral palette, textile carpet and simple accent wall art. All of which complement each other to give you a homely, inviting bedroom for a good night’s rest.

With a strong muted palette, this bedroom highlights a wooden closet and flooring together with a platform for the bed. Natural light is also a huge element in this room with the long windows.

Moreover, since minimalism is key, the platform doubles up as a storage space under the bed to prevent clutter.

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When it comes to modern Scandinavian design, think simple, functional and beautiful. Too boring for you? Add in some rustic or contemporary characteristics to inject some personality into your home.

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