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8 Hygge Nordic Scandinavian Design Inspiration

Hygge is one of the simplest definitions of the word ‘coziness’. In fact, Hygge can be defined as the act or practice of being in a state of comfort, relaxation and conviviality. The inspiration behind Nordic Scandinavian interior design comes from a mix of cultures and traditional crafts. It’s also about having a healthy lifestyle and keeping traditions alive. To achieve this, the Nordic designers took inspiration from nature, history and culture, but also from ancient Norse mythology, which is one of the oldest religions still practiced today. The Nordic design is warm, natural, and has no boundaries.

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Hygge, or “cosy togetherness,” as the Danes put it, is the original idea of making a comfortable environment while taking pleasure in life. Scandinavian design is renowned for its elegance, simplicity, and ability to mix beauty and functionality. Its simple, minimalist approach to multipurpose and adaptable designs is ideal for Singaporean designers and homeowners. 

Scandinavian design is a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance and make the most of your home spaces, whether it be your living room or bedroom. It is all about clean lines, sleek deco, light clutter-free rooms, ample use of wood, lovely elements of nature, and neutral tones. By adding a Scandinavian design that emphasizes only the necessities, homeowners achieve a plain and clutter-free home interior that strikes the ideal balance between minimalist and modern aesthetics.

Key Elements Nordic Scandinavian Design

You should be aware by now that the hygge philosophy emphasizes functionality over complexity and depth. For individuals who want to preserve space and have a home that is useful and simple to manage, this is a warm concept. A HDB or condominium with Scandinavian design will probably give the impression that your property is much larger than it actually is. 

Here are some things to think about when creating your Scandinavian-themed home, whether it be your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, if you’ve already made up your mind and are willing to give it a try.


There are numerous reasons to keep your home tidy and free of clutter. Even though you live in a 5-room HDB, you want to conserve as much space as you can. A Scandinavian 5-room HDB design will prioritize simplicity above all else in this aspect. 

Eliminating all the junk you don’t need is a wise strategy to adopt the idea. Make sure you correctly conceal wires and cables by paying attention to the little things. Any furniture or decorations that you rarely use or that don’t organically fit the interior should be put in storage. In order to visually expand your home’s Scandinavian interior, let in as much air and light as you can.

Airy Ambiance

Understanding the core idea and philosophy underlying the 4-room HDB interior design style is essential. You must realize that simplicity in this regard is found in the details or in their absence. Here, the phrase “creating an airy interior” literally means “maximizing the breathing area of your interior.” Scandinavian design focuses on improving your spaces without adding extra clutter.

Avoid buying bulky furniture and instead opt for smart, space-saving options. Selecting raised furniture with light-weight frames and designs is a smart place to start. To further increase the sense of space in your home, put each piece of furniture with purpose and leave ample room between them. To complete the style, just a few items would be sufficient. For best results, paint the walls a neutral color and finish with paper lampshades.

Hardwood Flooring

If you ever come across a flat with carpeting, you know it isn’t an actual HDB Scandinavian interior. The answer is straightforward: Scandinavian design rarely employs carpets as a flooring option. Instead, hardwood is favored and is the most popular type of flooring. Homes in the Scandinavian region are frequently decorated with muted hues and bare wood floors. 

To reflect the idea of Nordic culture and beautifully complete the Scandinavian design, complement your flooring with some special rugs in neutral tones. If purchasing hardwood is out of your price range, you can always choose herringbone parquet or even laminates. In either case, installing this type of flooring throughout your HDB apartment is safe. Your restroom is the one place where you are allowed to break the rule. You should wager on tiles or a less expensive vinyl flooring alternative there. 

Natural Fabrics

As was already mentioned, the main idea of Scandinavian design is to create a cozy and warm environment. Adding fabrics to your living space to bring warmth and diverse textures is one way to make it seem cozier. They might be the piece that’s missing to bring out the harmony between natural materials and the coziness of hygge. 

Wool, cotton, or wrinkled linen textiles are best for achieving the look of a Nordic interior. Additionally, you can try with velvet duvet covers or bedspreads. Just be sure to stay away from glossy silks and satins. After all, subtle elegance is what you’re going for. To achieve a seamless transition of textures and colors, don’t forget to match everything to the rest of your décor.

If you have the money, you can upgrade by adding animal pelts or hides, particularly sheepskins. To provide a soft landing area for your feet in the morning, spread them out beside your bed or drape them over the back of a chair. Utilizing quilts and woven wall hangings as works of art is a wonderful idea as well. To avoid overwhelming it and making it seem like you are trying too hard, try not to include too many Scandinavian décor components into a space.


Natural Light

During the lengthy winters, the Nordic countries face long stretches of darkness. Lighting is therefore a crucial component in Scandinavian design. To get as much natural light into the space as possible, utilize large windows with clear glass. The room appears larger and has more warmth and visibility thanks to the abundance of natural light.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains can add layers of texture and complexity to your room while keeping the design streamlined and simple to match the warm ambiance. To avoid blocking any natural light, choose sheer curtains in soft pastel colors. You may have some quiet time with your favorite books or a cup of coffee by setting up a nook right next to the windows. 

Layering artificial lights works perfectly as a complement to natural lighting to add more light to your room. Consider lighting options like wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights that go with the rest of your decor. It all depends on the type of lighting that you find appealing and efficient.

Wooden Elements

Unquestionably, wood is the primary component of all Nordic Scandinavian interior designs. It all revolves on the use of wood, which is used in flooring, kitchen counters, furniture, and ornamental items. In other words, concentrating on anything else would be a mistake. 

Since the Scandinavians are known for their love of the outdoors, the Nordic hygge lifestyle is mostly related to the country’s magnificent mountains and evergreen woods. So it comes as no surprise that wood is a common material in this home design. Pick light-colored stable wood varieties like birch, spruce, or pine. As an alternative, you might choose white-painted MDF as a more affordable choice.


You’ll never be able to equal the architecture of Nordic capitals like Stockholm and Copenhagen. These Scandinavian cities have numerous centuries-old historical structures. Typically, they have high ceilings, big windows, and magnificent, ornate elements like paneling, mouldings, and antique stoves. 

You can still use some of the ideas to further enhance the Nordic vibes in your HDB or condo with a Scandinavian design. Try to combine all of those elaborate details with comfortable, contemporary furnishings. You’ll notice the startling contrast they make when you add warm materials.

Bring in Nature

Bringing some natural elements into your home, such as indoor plants, is essential for giving it a truly Scandinavian feel. Fresh flowers or natural plants kept indoors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living areas and are also good for your mental health. As working from home has become more and more common, one of the best ways to appreciate nature and keep sane is to fill your home with plants.

Indoor plants carefully positioned throughout your home can enhance the light, airy feel of a Scandinavian design. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo the plants in a small space; three or four are more than enough. Remember that the plants’ primary function is to beautify your home’s interior and fill in any vacant spaces, such as nooks or corners. Otherwise, you run the risk of turning your home into a full-on jungle, which usually results in greater clutter and deviates from Scandinavian design ideals.


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