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4 Ways to Beautify Your Old HDB Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a very important room in any home – it often dubbed the “heart of the home.” In this room, families gather to cook meals, reminisce about old times and enjoy each other’s company. The kitchen is a special place where memories are made.

But who says old HDB kitchen interior designs need to be utilitarian and functional? Gone are the days when kitchens are ugly, afterthought sweat rooms. Chic, stylish kitchens are all the rage and here to stay and kitchen interior design is an integral part to achieve it.

In this post, we’ll look at 4 ways to beautify an old HDB kitchen renovations that we are drooling all over!

HDB Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Planning a small kitchen layout can be tricky, as finding the best layout can make or break a compact kitchen. 

Our hdb small kitchen design ideas guide to small kitchen layouts covers all the bases to help you reach the full potential of your kitchen.

While you might think options can be limited for small kitchen ideas, these smaller spaces often turn out to be far more ergonomically efficient

No traipsing miles to gather ingredients, or circumnavigating a monolithic island unit to reach the sink. When space is tight, everything is meticulously placed for convenience and is exactly where you need it.

When thinking about how to plan a hdb small kitchen design ideas, it’s best to make a list of your ‘must-haves’, particularly in terms of appliances, as they can swallow up a lot of storage space.  Take time to think about how you cook, who else needs access to the kitchen, even if it’s just the fridge, and where the dining table is in relation to the dishwasher.

Do seek advice from a professional kitchen designer. They are trained in spatial design and the latest space-saving innovations, and can often suggest ways to get more in to kitchen layouts without overcrowding.


2-Room HDB Kitchen Design

An open kitchen is a great idea for small 2-Room HDB Kitchen Design style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Since it has no barriers or doors, it allows spaces to flow into each other, thereby making the home look more spacious than it is.

An open kitchen also creates a sense of informality and a friendly ambience. Here you can bond with family while you complete your kitchen chores. Even when you have guests around, it creates a wonderful vibe where you can interact with them while working in the 2-Room HDB Kitchen Design style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Another advantage is of multiple cooks working in the same space. In joint family homes, an open, spacious layout allows more members to work at the same time. An open kitchen also offers the opportunity to have an added island in the centre—since there is no fourth wall, it doesn’t disrupt the the walking area.


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3 Room HDB Kitchen Design

If you are a baking enthusiast, wanted a kitchen that would be completely seamless with everything tucked up neatly. Opting for an all white kitchen using matte laminate shutters, ensured that it looks larger than it is. In spite of being completely white, this kitchen is surprisingly low maintenance. As there are no open shelves, there is a lesser chance of dust collecting anywhere.

The kitchen that is part of this compact 3 room hdb kitchen design is rather striking for two reasons. Firstly, it’s all white. And secondly, it is completely seamless. The squeaky clean look of this 3 room hdb kitchen design style=”font-weight: 400;”> can be attributed to an absence of cabinet handles and sufficient units to stow away all the appliances. The backsplash is a block of wood encased in wire-pressed glass, which further accentuates the seamless look. 

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Old 4-Room HDB Kitchen Design

If you want an old hdb 4-room renovation, try an open kitchen in your old 4-room hdb kitchen design style=”font-weight: 400;”>, do not afraid that it would become harder to maintain. Add collapsible glass windows to the kitchen, effectively making it a semi-open space that can be enclosed when necessary. Use two countertops, which means that homeowners can have access to the kitchen without feeling cramped.

Glass shutters give this old hdb 4-room renovation layout a boost by giving the option to convert it into a closed space as per requirement.

Visually aesthetic kitchen is proven to increase your mood to a higher level! Matching colors between the wall and a kitchen cabinet will simply give your kitchen a better look! You can also install other kitchen parts with similar tones!


Kitchen + Dining Area, Why Not? The concept of kitchen and dining area assimilation is not only to save some spaces, but also to give you a smoother flow of the traffic around the area. You will not have to go back and forth when preparing breakfast for your family because the dining room is already in your kitchen!

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As the homeowners of an old HDB, it must be very confusing for you in terms of renovation. There are a lot of things you need to do before performing a renovation such as finding the proper interior designer for you. You have come to the right place because 9Creation is the best choice for your resale hdb kitchen design! With site-coordination and supervision hdb kitchen design pictures, we will assure you to make your dream home come true!


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