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Renovate Your Home, Not Your Wallet! 4 Tips to Balance Your Budget.

Now that you have collected the keys to your new house, it’s time to get some renovations done. For most of us, purchasing a home is already taking a gigantic leap of financial faith, which calls for wise decisions to be made to minimise spending during the renovations. Here are 4 tips and advices to help you balance your budget more easily.

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1) Plan your budget

Plan diligently by deciding on exactly what you want for your new home and list out the cost of each purchase required. Stick to your pre-planned budget as much as possible. However, there might be some unforeseen circumstances that have to be addressed which might cause you to exceed your pre-planned budget. Give yourself an allowance of about 20 percent – you wouldn’t want to end up with a half-renovated home.

2) Be Realistic About Needs And Wants

Once you’ve set your budget, you need to now fit your “wants” into that guideline. Differentiate between what is a need and a want – the former being something that is required to make your home functional, whereas the latter is something belonging to the vanity category.  Even within your needs, like a kitchen counter, you can also choose between a range of materials and designs to suit your budget. Doing this will help you rein in your spending.

3) Stop the hacking

If you bought a resale flat, you may have to do some hacking of certain pillars. Try to minimise the number of hacking work that needs to be done. If you bought a new flat, try not to have any hacking. Nowadays, hacking off a part of the kitchen to get an open kitchen concept or the walk-in wardrobe is very common. GOOD NEWS! The government has announced recently that new Housing Board flats will now come with open kitchens, starting with this month’s Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise. This will save the hassle and cost of hacking the partition walls to create an open kitchen layout. Hacking adds much more cost than you can imagine. In some cases, you will also need a professional engineer to approve the structure which may cost up to few thousand dollars.

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4) Engage An Interior Designer

Contrary to popular belief, engaging an interior designer will likely save you money instead of adding to the total cost of your renovation.

As most homeowners have very little experience with renovations and have to look for everything from flooring to fittings to furniture, costs are likely to spiral out of control even with a budget in place. Professional interior designers have access to industry discounts that are out of reach for most of us and have the task of keeping the renovation within budget. An experienced and qualified interior designer will also be able to show you his/her portfolio and given suggestions to flesh out the ideas that you have in mind. This certainly saves time going around every furniture and lighting shop in Singapore and gives you a holistic perspective of how all the myriad pieces will fit together to fulfil your dream home design. Be sure to get a trusted interior design in Singapore.

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Whatever your lifestyle needs, the right interior designer can bring these home ideas to life. In 9 Creation, we strongly believe in offering high-quality work at fair prices. We cut out all intermediaries and avoided increased prices you normally pay for. What are you waiting for? Make your appointment now!