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6 Types Of Renovation Work That Needs HDB Permission

HDB requires permission for some of the tasks that require it.

We’re sure no law-abiding homeowner would want to flout HDB’s renovation rules, so don’t let that be an excuse to skip this critical step! Find out what kind of renovation works need HDB’s permission before you apply for it.


Removing floor finishes

Hacking away the existing floor finishes in an HDB flat and replacing them with your own cladding is something that requires a building permit. Only if the new tile material is completely transparent (as with glass) can the tile surface not be seen at all.

As with many things, the right permits are required to raise the levels of the floors of your kitchen, balcony, and bathrooms. You’ll need a permit from the city council.

The permit will be issued by the Building Control Section of the Department of Building Services. If you plan on raising the floor height, you’ll also need to get a building permit from the Land Transport Authority. This will ensure that you’re not breaking any building regulations. It also means you’ll need to approve all necessary construction drawings. The other option is to build your own cladding for the flat’s flooring. While this is possible, it requires much time and effort.

Walls demolition in Singapore

Hacking any wall in an HDB flat should be done with a permit. Before any work begins, you need to apply for a permit. Adding arches or rounded corners to any opening in a building, such as a doorway, requires approval from HDB.

The HDB has issued a directive that all residents must abide by, stating that they will not tolerate any illegal works on the outside of their property, including walls. This is because these works can affect the overall appearance of the HDB and its buildings. Illegal works include anything that affects the external surface of a building, including doors, windows, and other openings. These works are subject to prosecution, fines, and even prison sentences.

Changing the main door

If your unit is on a fire escape route you don’t need a building permit to replace the main door. Before doing any renovations, make sure to check with the Building & Construction Department. This is to make sure that structural damage isn’t caused by hacking.

Wall and floor finishes are being removed in a bathroom

Until you can change the look of your shower surfaces by covering them with tiles, you won’t be able to remove bathroom walls and floors in newly built BTO flats.

After the 3-year period, you’ll continue to be required to seek HDB’s approval for future renovation works, and will need to carry out a risk assessment and report on any health and safety risks to ensure compliance with building regulations.

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There is a new air conditioner unit for some resale flats

If the BTO flat owner puts their air conditioner on their own cooling ledge, they won’t need to get HDB’s approval before installing a new air conditioner. Those living in resale flats that have a 30 Amps main switch will need an electrical permit if they want to install a new air conditioner using a 15- or 20-Amps isolator.

Changing or installing grilles

Apart from ensuring that your new windows don’t look or sound out of place, HDB permits are necessary to ensure that the new fixtures do not deviate too much in design from those of your neighbours’ flats. The windows must be installed and replaced by only registered home improvement contractors approved by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

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