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7 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Resale 3-Room HDB Design

Got your hands on a 3-room HDB resale flat that’s on the older side? This could be an older house that needs a little TLC. It might be dingy and dated and in real need of a revamp. Or if you’re thinking about buying an HDB flat in Singapore, it’s a good time to buy because there are more flats than condos available. 

It’s easy to design a 3-room HDB home interior. It is possible if you believe it. There are many choices for small spaces. You can transform your home into a 3-room HDB. You need to think outside the box if you want to expand or create an open-plan space. You will get more than a 3-room HDB design if you hired an interior designer such as 9Creation.

To help you start, here are several ideas to get you inspired before renovating your 3-room resale HDB design:

Combine white with wood material

There’s nothing wrong with a classic white and wood combination for your 3-room HDB resale.  Wood tones are a great choice for lightening up a room’s mood. They also feel more natural and less sterile thanks to their wood tones. It’ll give you that fresh and new look you’ve always wanted. The problem with classic white and wood is that they can sometimes feel too stark and sterile. Therefore, you need to have the right balance when combining this material. 

That is why you need a professional help 9Creation who will help you get the right balance and feng shui to your room.

Use wooden elements

Wood is a great material for renovation and building. It works well with many styles of interior design. A more organic look can be brought to the space by using wood veneer cabinets. The feel of your HDB flat will be improved by a muted color scheme. Adding sleek, dark elements and wood furnishings to the interior can go even further. You can also create 3-room HDB open-concept and combine it with this concept.

Use a darker tone 

A bachelor pad is a dream for single guys. If you don’t want toFurnish it with a leather sofa or luxurious velvet materials, you can lean into something more contemporary. A lot of people in the industry tell people to buy a home that is well maintained and will last a long time.

Wall paint should be used sparingly. Dark-toned walls and floors in a room give off a powerful yet subtle message. Add pops of color, like orange bed throws or colorful posters, to make your room look brighter. You can also add more natural touches, like potted plants or woodsy tones.

Go for retro design

Those nostalgic about a bygone era of all-things-vintage and retro can still embody that vibe with exposed brick walls and warm lighting that make the space seem more intimate. A boudoir should have vintage furnishings. Make it feel like you’re back in the day with these beautiful pieces. It’s a good idea to impress your friends. They will love it when you have fun.

Santorini design in your 3-room resale HDB

It’s a shame that you can no longer travel to Santorini to enjoy its unique charm and beauty. You can paint the walls in your resale 3-room HDB a dark shade of blue. This makes it stand out from the typically Santorini-inspired space. Use light-toned wood on the blinds and shelves to enhance the island-like ambiance. Don’t use it too often, as it can overwhelm the main elements of blue and white.

9Creation professional and experienced employee will definitely help you make this design come true even in a limited space area. 

Create a gaming room for your 3-room resale HDB

Gaming rooms are a must-have in every gamer’s home. They create a space for the best times of your life! The glass windows make the room seem more spacious, and they allow your TV to double as another screen to watch esports tournaments while you play your video games. This setup is ideal because it can double up as an open-concept office, which can make you feel more productive.

Muji interior design for your 3-room resale HDB

The most minimalist 3-room HDB design of living has a brown, white, and grey color scheme and is something most of us can identify. It is also a balancing act. You can complete your home furnishings with wood. It is important to complement your wood and other wooden items with pillows, blankets, and fabrics.

A dark colored curtain will allow a lot of natural light, and it will help keep you and your family out of the public eye. A bright spotlight is added to the wood walls in your living room. It makes your home feel larger. The glass divider in the kitchen and dining area makes it look bigger. It will take more time to clean if you add more glass, but it is worth it for the smooth look.

9Creation is able to design your 3-room BTO HDB resale with Muji style but also incorporate your interior design model based on your preference. With our 3D design, we can show you the design before we begin the renovation to prevent any mistakes. 

Invest in your 3-room resale HDB interior design with 9Creation

Having a professional interior design service, such as 9Creation, can create your home listing to be one of the best investments you make in getting more buyers into your home. By creating an interior design and a 3D representation of your home, you’ll get the best visualization of your long-last investment before making the biggest decision of your life. Get yours too with 9Creation here.








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