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Best Resale HDB Kitchen Design Ideas In Singapore

When upgrading your home, you want every area to be converted into a place of beauty and elegance. Of course, the kitchen is included. A tastefully HDB kitchen renovation ideas provides you with a pleasant and useful space in which to cook and prepare meals.

When it comes to HDB small kitchen design ideas, there is a wide range of possibilities. Some are well suited to huge ones, while others are created expressly to keep little ones visible. Whether you live in a large house or a tiny apartment, you will undoubtedly come across a variety of HDB small kitchen design ideas from which to select the resale HDB kitchen design that best fit your needs and tastes.

We’ll go through a few options that you may use to improve the look of your old HDB kitchen design in this article. We offer inventive solutions to meet your demands, whether they are little or large.

Open Concept Haven

An open concept 3 room HDB kitchen design not only takes much less space but is trending these days as well. When no apparent walls are separating the kitchen from the living room, your whole apartment or condo appears spacious and airy.

Below is a 3 room HDB kitchen design renovated by us, notice how the countertop can be utilized for dining purposes as well. This open concept looks stylish and elegant as well as provides the added functionality of dining without taking any extra space.

It also allows more light to enter the kitchen which would not have been possible had it been a conventional one. This kind of design is especially useful if you have small kids. It allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings while you cook. 


Important of Flooring

Although the main emphasis of a kitchen is on its functionality and where everything is placed, the floor is just as important when it comes to its interior design. If the remaining elements of the kitchen have been designed immaculately, but the floor fails to match it, the whole 5 room HDB kitchen design will look like a disaster. Ideally, the floor should be tiled in very light colours so it can help make the area look spacious.

The backsplash tiles might be the same color as the floor tiles, or a shade darker or lighter. To complement the other parts of the kitchen, you might choose tiles with a wooden look and feel. Again, when it comes to kitchen flooring, the possibilities are endless.

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen can be defined by two narrow rows of cabinets and countertops facing each other with a narrow corridor in between.The corridor is functioned to divide the kitchen’s elements such as storage cabinets, the kitchen sink, the stove, and kitchen utensils. It also gives you ease when you cook. 

Originally, galley kitchens were meant for ships and planes. However, as time passes, it will be possible to incorporate it into living areas. This style of kitchen is ideal for compact spaces or when you want to maintain a minimalist aesthetic in your home. 

Reduce the quantity of tall cabinets in this kitchen plan to create a more expansive feeling. Aside from that, make the most of the space by keeping stuff off the counters. It is preferable to have built-in appliances (such as an oven or a microwave).

terrazzo kitchen

Theme: Scandinavian 

When it comes to HDB kitchen renovation, a Scandinavian style is one of the greatest options. Scandinavian interior design is characterized by light colors, simplicity, and a clutter-free environment. Install plain white shelves and cabinets to keep things simple. 

Open shelves should be avoided since they may make a 5 room HDB kitchen design appear crowded. Keep as much as possible in storage to keep the number of goods on the counters to a minimum. Of course, you may add a splash of color to the kitchen to make it more exciting. This might take the shape of dark-colored kitchen equipment or a dark-colored countertop to balance out the light-colored items.

Counters for breakfast 

A small breakfast counter may help give your HDB small kitchen design ideas a fresh and sophisticated appeal. In any kind of kitchen, whether open-concept or traditional, a breakfast section or counter can be installed. 

Any construction material, such as wood, aluminum, PVC, metal, or fiberglass, can be used to make this breakfast counter. Depending on how much room you have, it may be mounted directly to a wall or put in the center of the HDB small kitchen design. It can easily seat people on one side of the counter if it is linked to a wall. A counter in the center of the kitchen, for example, may seat people on all sides.

Single Wall Kitchen

A single wall 4 room HDB kitchen design may be a wonderful alternative for you if you live in a tiny property. The parts of the kitchen are grouped together on a single wall to save space in other sections. On the counters, for example, the sink should be in the middle, between the refrigerator and the stove. The storage cabinets are then installed beneath the counters. 

The placement of the stove and the kitchen sink are important considerations when implementing this design. You’ll also need to set aside some room to cook your meal. You appear to be restricted in your movements. Cooking may still be enjoyable with a single-wall 4 room HDB kitchen design.

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Which type suits your needs? Do you already have in mind how your old HDB kitchen design would be? Or do you need more HDB kitchen renovation ideas? Worry less because 9Creation provides HDB kitchen renovation services, we offer a range of services including 5 room HDB kitchen design advice, 4 room HDB kitchen design material selection and HDB kitchen renovation contractor referrals. With many years of experience in the renovation industry, we can help you create the resale HDB kitchen design of your dreams.


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