A team that we can trust!

This is a late review as I finally have the time to pen this.

My wife and i would like to say a very big thank Brandon and 9Creation for their help in our reno work.

Brandon was the first ID we met when we were looking out for IDs to help with our reno work. In the first meeting, when we discussed about our ideas, Brandon could understand the direction we were going and it was a very fruitful first meeting where he showed us various design references and material samples. This is something that i don’t really expect IDs to do during the first meeting. And most combined with the chemistry and the vibe, the first meeting helps us made the decision to go with Brandon and 9Creation.

We had a tight timeline last year (between Oct to Nov) and with all the COVID situation developing, we were hoping to have our unit ready for our wedding. In the end, I am glad that Brendon and his Team managed to make it in time for us. We greatly appreciate that.

During that period, every single day is an uncertainty because of COVID measures. Despite that, Brandon continued to do his best and work with his team so that we can have our home ready for our Big Day.

We appreciate the times that Brendon goes out of his way to help us in receiving the fittings when we couldn’t have the time to make it on site to receive them. In addition, he also checked and made sure that the items were received in good order. In fact, we managed to make an exchange for our bathroom basin as there were some defects. If it wasn’t detected, the basins would had been installed and it would be must more difficult to do the exchange.

Brandon and his Team has indeed lessen our load during this period where we have to juggle work, renovation and preparing for our wedding.

Among many qualities Brandon possess, we especially liked that he pays attention to the little details, in ensuring the quality of work, doing his best to take care of the unit so that it doesn’t get damaged and importantly the practical solutions that he provides.

He is very helpful and is willing to spend the effort and time in responding to our request and queries even at odd hours.

With Brandon and his Team, renovation work had become a breeze for us and most importantly we were able to have a peace of mind. There was this incident whereby our smoke hood keeps tripping the unit. So we gotten the vendor of the smoke hood to inspect the smoke hood. After checking the smoke hood, the vendor tried using another power outlet and it turned out to be fine. Therefore, the vendor concluded that it is the electrical wiring of the power outlet that caused the tripping and suggested that I defer the issue back to the reno team to have the electrical wiring checked for the entire unit.

However, deep inside, I somehow felt that that cannot be the case as I believed Brandon and his team would had done a good job. So right before the vendor left, I tested the smoke hood again with a separate power outlet and the power tripped again. The vendor surprised and said this had never happened before. So end up we’ve gotten an exchange for a new smoke hood and everything has been fine since then. So, it was a case of product defect instead of the electrical wiring works.

This is the kind of confidence that Brandon and his team had given us. In the ordinary situation, I guess we would probably ended up in a situation of several back and forth between the electrical works and the smoke hood and may still not able to find the root cause.

We will recommend Brandon to anyone who needs reno work done. We see his passion in going the extra mile to help his customers and this is definitely a trait that all home owners need.

Thanks Brandon and 9Creation!