Aesthetic and practical proposals coexist!

Very happy with my finished reno. Benny did a fantastic job, not only in the aesthetics of his design but also the entire reno process was so smooth and easy. A bit of a long review but I hope it’s useful to new homeowners like I am.

The most painful part was actually finding my ID lol. Being a new homeowner and after listening to all the horror stories, I had three things in mind when I started looking for IDs.

One is the company must be HDB registered, case trust certified, and with zero demerit points.

Second, there was a specific aesthetic theme and also a door feature I wanted. This feature was not easy to accomplish. A few other IDs just told me it cannot be done and one even told me to just put curtains instead (like seriously ??? lol).

Third, the ID MUST be experienced. This is my first reno and I don’t know what I don’t know. So I definitely need a very experienced ID with lots of successful projects under his belt.

Had a promising chat with Benny for our first meeting. He also showed me some of his previous projects and he could explain the tiny little details that made each of his project unique and customized to the owners (across both HDBs, condos and landed). I got the sense that he took a lot of pride in his work.

This came through in the second meeting to discuss the proposal. He not only proposed a very ingenious and safe way to give me the door feature I wanted but he elevated it with a super classy idea. Which was also unique and not found in the gazillion research pictures I looked at.

After signing with him, the 3D pictures came promptly. I could tell he really listened during our initial two meetings. But he also added some details that I never even knew I wanted lol.

Then came the actual reno itself which was really smooth. I was actually surprised it was so easy. He kept me updated promptly with the progress via whatsapp. I only visited like once to have a look, and decided to just leave it all in his experienced hands because he was even more detailed in checking his contractors than me.

He ensured what needed to be there was also properly there like drainage, plumbing etc. I had read feedbacks online from homeowners like their IDs didn’t do the drainage outlet at all, pipes wrong etc etc, but when I was looking at my finished reno for all these complained about issues, I found everything were all done properly and nicely.

The finished reno was fantastic. I absolutely love the aethestics. The workmanship of his guys were also very good. I had a small feedback after, told him and he promptly got his guys to fix.

What impressed me were also quite a lot of practical suggestions he made. Some examples are he suggested track lights for my bathroom. Because if one light blows, I could still use the bathroom with the other lights so I could wait to get someone to fix it. He also took into account my height and made sure the kitchen countertop was custom to my exact height for better ergonomics. Another was he flagged to me if I was buying power sockets online, to make sure they have legit Singapore safety mark for safety and also if there is a fire, insurance won’t cover if there is no proper safety mark uncovered during investigation.

Note he will likely not have the cheapest quote but I found his quote to be reasonable amongst all the quotes I got from about ten IDs. I felt it was transparent and also fair given it also came with his experience. And it did pay off because my reno indeed ended up being really smooth and easy.

All in all, I feel really fortunate and thankful to have found Benny as my ID. He didn’t ask me to write a review actually. But I am really happy and can truly highly recommend Benny. Thanks so much for making a reality the beautiful home I wanted! 🙏👍