Beyond my expectation!

After shopping around for an ID, I decided to engage Yeng from 9 Creation to do some minor renovation work to my unit. Although, my requirements were not complexed, Yeng was extremely sincere in taking on the job.

Yeng may be young but he embodies what it truly means to be an interior designer. Having worked as an assistant architect before, he was armed with a lot of technical knowledge and was able to advise me properly. Not to mention, his passion truly shines and he takes pride and responsibility in his work. He also pays attention to the fine details.

Yeng was patiently available even at odd hours of the night when I needed to consult him on some ideas or for urgent work that needed to be done promptly. I could tell that he was also well versed with lighting and electrical work which became the highlight of my home.

The end result was very close to what I envisioned my home to look like and I can say that I am very satisfied with the work done. When touch ups or corrections were needed, Yeng scheduled them right away and was on top of the contractors most of the time. Safe to say, Yeng goes above and beyond for his clients and I foresee that he will be a highly sought after ID in the near future.