“Exemplary Renovation Service Delivery Journey”

After several meet-up with different IDs, we decided to go with Brandon from 9 Creation because he is very experienced, portray professionalism and he was able to find recommendations to make all our visions possible. he was able to advise us on what are the ideal type of products to purchase, which are suitable and which are not. He also has good connections with vendors and contractors, so anything that we needed he is able helped us settle through him so it was a lot less tedious. Very professional and he took all feedback seriously and followed through every single one. From accepting our project despite the tight deadline to keeping us regularly updated on the progress of the house renovations. He is really quick to respond to our messages and queries at any time of the day, even after the project’s completion. He ensured that my home renovations went smoothly and significantly alleviated various challenges associated with setting up a new abode. From project management, to addressing our concerns, he is throughout patient, thorough and detailed, with designs well thought out. He is experienced with a good sense of various designs, organized, approachable, very friendly, easy-going, reliable and has displayed an exceptional work ethic. Personally, i will not cast a doubt to recommend this designer to anyone embarking on their new home journey.

We had our own layout in mind, but the range of designs available to choose (ranging from carpentry and choice of materials) proposed by designer was good and aesthetically pleasing.

Good quality, from using blum soft closing hinges, internal colour PVC to solid wood work all included without extra charge. Overall great workmanship. Carpenter and electrician have also proven their immense experience during the entire process.

Excellent service, Brandon always responded to our queries and feedback and made sure all are rectified accordingly. After handover if any issues he mentioned we can always approach him if need to. Definitely professional and excellent service. Prompt in replies, thoughtful, organized, came up with a time schedule for various works to be completed, coordinates the delivery of my purchases and constantly provided updates on progress. Approachable and patient in addressing concerns. Always goes an extra mile in trying to accommodate my schedule.

Value for Money
It’s within the industry market price range and has significantly made my renovation journey more enjoyable and less arduous in achieving a comfortable abode.