Grateful for Finding the Right ID

I was recommended by a friend to contact TS Toh Galvin of 9 Creation. At the same time, I had also contacted another three IDs. I requested to meet him two days later but it did not happen in the end as he couldn’t make it. I must admit I didn’t have a good first impression of him. However, he asked for a mood board and I sent him many photos. Few days later, he actually sent me rough 3D drawings according to the floor plan I had sent him, and it impressed me so much! They matched my ideas exactly, and we haven’t even met! Upon comparing his quotation with the others, I find his quite reasonable, and decided to engage his services, though his is not the cheapest and he wasn’t the fastest to respond initially as compared to the other IDs whom we have contacted.Everything was smooth sailing since then, and he even had to chase us for information and actions in order to meet our requested handover date, because my husband and I were also busy at work and with our kids. He was alao quick to rectify mistakes made by the contractors that we have pointed out. Along the process, either he or my husband and I realised that some of our initial designs were not as practical for long term use, and he was patient to work things around with us till late.Overall I’d say he had exceeded my expectations of him, and that I’d highly recommend him to home owners looking for a dependable ID.