Home truly created!

It’s a HOME TRULY. Thank you Kent Heng from 9 Creation for making it happened.

I want to start off this review first by highlighting some of Kent’s key virtues and traits: patient, diligent, humble, attentive and a good listener, meticulous, proactive and engaging, experienced and knowledgeable, constantly produces work on time and on quality.

The journey began with me reaching out to no less than 5 IDs with a budget and some ideas in mind, and finally deciding to take the leap of faith with Kent mainly due to a good vibe I had felt about him through some of his traits I had mentioned earlier.

The whole renovation journey progressed very smoothly, from conceptualization to selecting material to the works progression itself and finally handing over. I made 4 changes along the way after work started with each involves multiple deliberation and all were able to be integrated into the existing schedule. I would not say there were no hiccups, including post hand-over but the overall responses and remedy works were all rectified swiftly by Kent.

Kent was never pushy about his ideas against mine but will provide the pros and cons for me to make the final decision. His choices of recommendation, from colors to flooring to material and to furnishing and appliances were very apt and useful. A well balance of being functional and yet maintaining the aesthetic and effect. One important value I appreciate about Kent is him being very personal, from bringing me down to the tiling company and furnishing shops to walking through each of the choices. It helped a lot on the decision making process. Beyond that, evidently from my Sofa, TV cabinet and coffee table that I decided to shop from Castlery of which I had multiple whatsapp exchanges with him about the type and makes, Kent would never fail to give me prompt and good advices, including the dimensioning which can often be an oversight.

In terms of work schedule, Kent always kept me updated on the progress and the scheduling of every “next” activities. He seemed to be 20-7 available and that certainly helped as I could be very impatient about a thought or question in mind to put across to him whenever. His speediness, patience and good grasp of the work in progress provided a sense of assurance, an important aspect that I highly appreciated. Throughout, Kent also managed one of my qualms very well which was the part about “up to you” during each iterations and decision making. Most often discussion will end up being the customer’s call but he did not make me felt that he pushed the responsibility back to me solely but rather a co-owned decision. This was again another assuring aspect I very much appreciated. In short, the whole journey had been hassle-free and worry-free.

All in all, I overshot my budget but mainly because during the journey I realised Kent could help me fulfil my dream “HOME” and hence I decided to invest further on/with him. It has been 3 months since I took over, and I did not regret on the decision and the investment; I am very happy as the value created is well worth and way beyond the monies spent.

THANK YOU Kent once again for making it HOME truly for me! Keep up with your good work, ethics and attitude and continue to help everyone make theirs’ a home truly as well. Cheers!