Reliable ID & grateful to be so fortunate to engaged them to renovate our house!

Excellent Renovation by: Han Yong, Alistair, Ebel

After visiting 3 of the Best and Most popular ID Companies in Singapore.
Eventually, We entrusted 9 Creations to do the renovation.
It is Mainly because of Goh Han Yong.

He is very Sincere and Honest in explaining the details of the Works & Prices,
He advised us truefully.
Han Yong is always working on controlling the Quality of the renovations with his team.

Han Yong is also very selfless (willing to share) in the team.
you must understand, in a team with a few other ID colleagues.
( they must share their benefits). Because of his arrangement, I can approach anyone of the team ID persons for assistance anytime.

Furthermore, EVEN after the renovation is Completed, He is still always thoughtful for the owner in many ways. (Good after Sales Service).

while Alistair is very capable in dealing with the workers, at first, my thinking is always very different with him, in the end, the output results proof that he is correct.
Now, I am convinced that he is really a intelligent ID. Alistair is also able the to look into the minors details of the works that is overlooked by the owner that required to be done.

I am also surprised and impressed when Alistair (ID) come in one night, to do by himself an Urgent Electical Switch and Lights Mounting.

With Ebel around, she accept your ideas and most importantly Improved on your ideas to design the house. She is able to help to design it clearly to my strict requirements.
She is patient to listen to you and use computer immediately to draft out the design planning precisely.
Ebel is creative & has the attention to the details. She is always friendly and easy to communicate with.

Overall, I now really understand & convinced that :
9 Creations is a secure & safe company to deal with.
Because the money transactions between the owner and the company is very transparent and proper.

We have come across many different contractors renovating a number of our other shops/ shop houses and a few other private properties.
After getting the deposit payments, some others will behave differently.
However, this team has been very helpful throughout the whole Duration of the renovation.

I am really thankful & grateful to be so fortunate to have this particular 3 persons to renovate our house.

Han Yong (Sincerity)
Alistair (Capable)
Ebel (Good Designer)

9 Creation (Secure & Safe)

From: Alan’s Family.
Pasir Ris Beach Detached House