Renovation with a peace of mind

Kent is an experienced, professional, and patient ID. Even with my first interaction with him as a first-time homeowner-to-be, he managed to help us understand the overall process and also showed us various works that he had done based on our preliminary sketchy description of what we want. He also followed up very promptly with us on the proposal and quote.

Through the rest of the renovation, he was able to effectively help us scope down the style/theme of our new home and guide us to make critical decisions to move the project forward. He was also very patient and accommodating to some of our change requests and was very open to some of our suggestions/needs. In times when we were unsure, he would provide his valuable opinions for us to make a well-informed decision.

During the process of the renovation, he would send regular updates on the progress of renovation to give us a peace of mind without having to constantly visit the renovation site. He would also check in with us regularly when unexpected situation arises or when he needs to clarify on certain areas which we did not discuss/confirm previously. Also good to note that he would help to pay a visit to neighbours to inform them of upcoming renovations beforehand, which might explain why we did not get any complaints during the entire duration of renovation.

The end product which was handed over to us was good, slightly ahead of timeline and with no major rectifications required. Though we went over our budget (because we added quite a few things), but it was all worth it. The choice of materials, doors, glass doors were of good quality. Extremely impressed with the fact that he could materialise what we feel we wanted, into a place which we could call home.