Responsible designer and good carpentry workmanship

We were very grateful to Brandon and his team to complete our renovation within a tight timeline despite many challenges encountered during the renovation. Brandon was a responsible and reliable designer who tried his best to meet our requests. He would immediately rectify issues whenever we visited the site.

Our family was very pleased with the outcome and able to live in comfortably in our new home. We strongly recommend Brandon to design and manage your interior designing needs.

Brandon took in our inputs after the first draft and came back with a much nicer set of design. The drafts were close to reality. He was attentive to the details. Brandon is knowledgeable in interior designs and other technical aspect.

Carpentry workmanship was very good. Carpenters were able to work fast to deliver within a short timeframe. They even gave ideas and make adjustment after taking in our requirements. The team took time and effort to customize designs to fit the theme.

Brandon was always prompt in his reply and responded to our queries with patience. One of the floor tiles was out of production, he quickly went around different shops to look for the similar tiles that met condo requirement and took pictures for us to choose. He managed the project very well with his internal and external contractors.

Value for Money
9 Creation gave the lowest quote among the 4 quotations. It is best to put in as much details and items that you want in the first quotation rather than add-on later.