Super satisfied

My husband and I are super happy and satisfied with the final outcome of our house.When we first met Yusri, we told him we didn’t want much work done considering our budget. Yusri didn’t turn us away like some company did, in fact offered a package that could fit our small budget. We wanted minimal carpentry done for our house and even after hearing that, Yusri didn’t push in for us to add more. Knowing that we have a toddler, he give us practical solutions that could fit our need. We wanted a clutter free home and we worked towards having a clean and cozy overall look.We didn’t set an exact dateline for moving in but Yusri promised he could get our house done by Raya 2018. We left everything to Yusri and whenever we have questions or doubts, Yusri is very prompt in answering us. We didn’t have any hiccups throughout the course of the renovation. Two weeks before Raya, Yusri contacted us to say the renovation phase of the house is complete.My husband and I are very thankful to have come across 9Creation and Yusri. We are very pleased with the service rendered by Yusri and appreciate all the small little details that Yusri have looked into. Our house may look simple in the eyes of others but the house have turned into our dream home. We cannot thank Yusri enough for this.