The true meaning of an excellent service

Yusri was the first ID that we met on our search for a renovation ID, sat down with him for a 2 hour discussion and took up his service immediately without any hesitation. Trust and honesty were the 2 main factors that me and my wife were looking for, and found that within Yusri and 9 Creation. The commitment he showed towards the project was superb and took this renovation as though it was his own home. No hidden cost or cutting corners, what he promised in terms of quality and price, he delivers. We put our whole trust in him and limit our number of visits to the house throughout the duration of the renovation and he did not disappoint. Everything was coordinated well to reduce our involvement, and this was something money cannot buy. Daily updates were given on work progress, and when problems surfaced, it was handled efficiently. Overall we are truly happy with his service and had no regrets. We definitely recommend those who are about to begin their renovation journey to approach 9 Creation.