This is what getting an interior designer/consultant should be like

We required extensive reworking for an old flat recently purchased, and engaged Kent Heng from 9 Creation Pte Ltd after looking through many reviews and meeting various consultants.Kent worked closely with us to design a layout according to our preferred theme. He also accompanied and guided us to choose finalizing details including tiles, colours, and many others. Thereafter, he managed the entire process including purchasing, contractors for renovation, and quality assurance on the works done.He demonstrated a clear understanding of different design themes, since he has done those before for other clients. He was able to customise the design to our preferences and budget, while advising against our requests if they would not be practical or aesthetically pleasing (“nice”). Kent also understood the needs of different occupant makeups (young/old family, and/or with children).As a young family, time was precious to us. Kent’s managing the entire project meant we didn’t need to micromanage and supervise every step. This was especially important since we also didn’t have knowledge of the renovation process, and needed the consultant to oversee the works being done.Kent also demonstrated honesty and pride in his work. He caught flaws that we might not have gotten ourselves even, ensuring that the contractors fixed those up properly.Working with Kent had been painless for us, as he was responsive and professional in handling our queries. We lacked much of the knowledge and experience needed for renovations, so we had to ask a lot. He was able to guide us successfully towards knowing and choosing what we’d have liked in our new home.We know we won’t be left high and dry after the handover, because 9 Creation Pte Ltd provides a 1 year warranty after handover, and Kent’s proven work attitude meant we can be reassured.Thank you!