Much appreciated and Highly recommended!

We decided to engage Yan Ling as ours ID after meeting a few others mainly because of her great design concept for our living room ceiling at the very first discussion.

She fully understands our needs and requests and responds promptly. She is patient and flexible in coping with challenges we faced. Yan Ling is a very responsible ID. The whole process of renovation was hassle-free for us because any issues that were brought up were promptly addressed and we got prompt updates through WhatsApp.

Much appreciated and Highly recommended!

Satisfied experience! Within our budget!

Overall, very satisfied experience with Nicholas from 9 Creation. He was able to help us save cost and work towards our budget.

I heard most of the IDs can be quite unresponsive sometimes, Nicholas was able to get back to us almost immediately for all problems we had.

Whether or not Nicholas have the answers to our questions, responding back to us quick was what he did best! If you are looking to design a nice home that doesn’t burn your pocket a hole, Nicholas is your guy!

Responsive and Practical Solution!

Brandon was my ID referred by my sibling who similarly has done a good job on. Brandon is dependable and patient in all the interactions we had. As we all know renovation is not a short journey where every single detail counts even taking the risks where I have given him some challenge along the way to my desired style. 😂

He goes the extra mile when help is required and I am very appreciative of that. You can count on Brandon advising practical solutions and getting back your texts promptly. Thank you for all your hard work!

Happy and satisfied with his professionalism and advices

We had shortlisted a few IDs but in the end we decided to choose Brandon from 9Creation. Because during discussion he understood what we hoped to have and gave constructive ideas which are practical.

Although the overall cost exceeded slightly our initial budget, we are happy and satisfied with his professionalism and advices. His design sense and styles are highly recommended too. He also helped us to choose the color and furnitures/fixtures which matched our theme. He is always fast to respond to us, very polite and professional.

Overall it had been a pleasant and enjoyable process!

We recently completed our renovation and handover of our home and we’d engaged Vincent from 9 Creation. He is very transparent, methodical and well prepared - works were completed well within expected timeline even though we were restricted by Covid-19 regulations.

He is patient in guiding us to decide on what we want but is also objective to whether it can fit within our budget and provides useful and practical advice based on his experiences. Vincent is always present in overseeing works at the site - he is attention to detail and prompt in resolving issues. As first time home owners we were sometimes unsure of certain things, Vincent will go the extra mile to help us resolve them.

Overall it had been a pleasant and enjoyable process. We’re glad to have entrusted our home with 9 Creation and Vincent - highly recommend them.

Job Well Done!

My wife and I met a few IDs but we chose 9 Creation because after the first meet up with ID Kent, I felt I could click with him and he was easy to talk to. And it was the best decision we made.

ID Kent listened to our ideas attentively, then shared his expertise and experiences with us. He was always prompt in replying our messages. We were fickle and indecisive at times but he was always patient and smiling. He was also efficient in fixing any concerns raised or defects. ID Kent is very professional and experienced.

My wife wanted a bar/island in a closed-concept kitchen. When other IDs said it was impossible, Kent made my wife’s wish come true. And she loves it a lot!

A couple of months after the reno, I still had a few queries so I asked ID Kent for his views.. As always, he was there for us. Thank you so much, Kent!

My dream Scandinavian home by 9 Creation Shawn

A big thank you to our designer Shawn who helped us to transform our 20 years old 4-room HDB into our dream house! Given a limited budget and certainly high expectations, Shawn is very professional and patient in helping us to build our Scandinavian-themed new home, I still recall that we went to a few tiles suppliers, spent hours at each site just to get the right fit, and Shawn really shows high patience throughout, thumbs up. Another aspect that impresses me is the clarity of the bill, no hidden cost, and all charges/discounts are clearly stated, hence I will recommend Shawn to all here.

Best Experience

It was great working with Kent for the renovations for our new BTO despite it was during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic (during May 2020- when circuit breaker started). Throughout the whole renovation journey, Kent made it easy for us to follow through, guiding us with material selection and designs that suit our budget and lifestyle. He was very accommodating, understanding and patient with us, given the changes we had to make along the way as we found out we are stepping into parenthood. He was very sincere and providing us with practical suggestions to help us make our choices. Furthermore, he had a clear plan and timeline scheduled for each of the area of renovation work. His service is excellent. Definitely, the man to go to for your renovation journey!

A Big Thumb up from a happy customer!

I bought a resale condo in Nov and had to move in by March as I have to hand over my last HDB unit in the same week in March. After several discussions with different IDs, we have decided to engage Brandon Toon from 9 Creation Pte Ltd. He is always responsive to any query, proactive and able to propose creative ideas to suit our requirements and most important good work attitude committed to this project. He had provided a detailed renovation schedule which enable us to plan our lighting/aircon/furniture and other hard wares delivery and installation smoothly. All renovation work was completed earlier with nice workmanship before the expected handover date.

The after-sales service is excellent and very responsive as he had managed to resolve my cabinet lighting issues within the same day.

We appreciate for his hardworking effort and would definitely recommend him to our friends in future!

A Team That We can Trust

This is a late review as I finally have the time to pen this.

My wife and I would like to say a very big thank Brandon and 9Creation for their help in our renovation work.

Brandon was the first ID we met when we were looking out for IDs to help with our renovation work. In the first meeting, when we discussed our ideas, Brandon could understand the direction we were going, and it was a very fruitful first meeting where he showed us various design references and material samples. This is something that I don't really expect IDs to do during the first meeting. And most, combined with the chemistry and the vibe, the first meeting helps us made the decision to go with Brandon and 9Creation.

We had a tight timeline last year (between Oct to Nov) and with all the COVID situation developing, we were hoping to have our unit ready for our wedding. I am glad that Brendon and his Team managed to make it in time for us. We greatly appreciate that.

During that period, every single day is an uncertainty because of COVID measures. Despite that, Brandon continued to do his best and work with his team so that we can have our home ready for our Big Day.

We appreciate the times that Brandon goes out of his way to help us in receiving the fittings when we couldn’t have the time to make it on site to receive them. In addition, he also checked and made sure that the items were received in good order. In fact, we managed to make an exchange for our bathroom basin as there were some defects. If it wasn’t detected, the basins would have been installed, and it would be must more difficult to do the exchange.

Brandon and his Team have indeed lessened our load during this period where we have to juggle work, renovation and preparing for our wedding.

Among many qualities Brandon possess, we especially liked that he pays attention to the little details, in ensuring the quality of work, doing his best to take care of the unit so that it doesn’t get damaged and most importantly the practical solutions that he provides.

He is very helpful and is willing to spend the effort and time in responding to our request and queries even at odd hours.

With Brandon and his Team, renovation work had become a breeze for us and most importantly, we were able to have a peace of mind. There was this incident whereby our smoke hood keeps tripping the unit. So we have gotten the vendor of the smoke hood to inspect it. After checking it, the vendor tried using another power outlet, and it turned out to be fine. Therefore, the vendor concluded that it is the electrical wiring of the power outlet that caused the tripping and suggested that I defer the issue back to the renovation team to have the electrical wiring checked for the entire unit. However, deep inside, I somehow felt that that cannot be the case as I believed Brandon and his team would have done a good job. So right before the vendor left, I tested the smoke hood again with a separate power outlet and the power tripped again. The vendor was surprised and said this had never happened before. So end up we’ve gotten an exchange for a new smoke hood and everything has been fine since then. So, it was a case of product defect instead of the electrical wiring works.

This is the kind of confidence that Brandon and his team had given us. In the ordinary situation, I guess we would probably end up in a situation of several back and forth between the electrical works and the smoke hood and may still not able to find the root cause.

We will recommend Brandon to anyone who needs renovation work done. We see his passion in going the extra mile to help his customers, and this is definitely a trait that all homeowners need.

Thanks, Brandon and 9Creation!

Patient and fit our renovation budget

Shawn did a good job, and he is patient and helped us to meet our needs for our renovation. He comes out with ideas that fit our renovation budget. When we have doubts and questions, he will help to resolve the issue. Ability to keep up with the timeline despite the covid situation, the design was clean, simple, and minimalist. He was punctual in every appointment and patient in helping us to choose the tiles that fit our wants. Overall, a nice person to communicate and work with.

An Overall Good Renovation Experience with 9 Creation

Working with Kent of 9 Creation was a very good and pleasant experience.
He was able to capture and propose very creative design ideas. We were very pleased with the renderings - exactly what we had in mind. The renovation was major, including 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, and 1 balcony, and other minor efforts. Kent always listened to our input and adjusted the design in accordance with our ideas - made multiple changes quickly. We have worked with other IDs for our previous homes, but none of them were like Kent - he's indeed such a pleasure to work with. He will also always go the extra mile to meet our requests.
The quote was reasonable, and that too after the variations. We were pleasantly surprised by this because we added so much more after the initial quote. We normally did not check the prices with him, and he also did not take advantage of that and made unreasonable quotes. So, we did not receive a big shock when we saw the final quote - it was in fact lower than we expected.
The project management was good. Kent came daily to supervise the renovation, and that gave us great peace of mind and reassurance that the renovation was progressing fine. The quality and value in the workmanship was very good - faultless. The follow-up efforts were also good, e.g. we found that the mirrors were not installed according to the rendering. Kent replaced the mirrors and did not force us to accept the defect in workmanship.
It is important to work with the ID for an overall successful project, and in this aspect, Kent is a very pleasant and easy person to work with. We are indeed glad that Kent was our ID! We are really pleased with what Kent has done, and our house now looks as good as new!

Renovation during pandemic- No delay at all

I am happy to know HomeTrust to locate 9 Creation to renovate my house during this pandemic period. Their designer, Mr. Brandon, is full of ideas and very responsible during the renovation stages by sending me the update via photos through my WhatsApp.
I am lucky to have Mr. Brandon from 9 creation and will recommend him to my friends should they need to renovate their homes. Thank you, Mr. Brandon and 9 Creation. 2 thumbs up.

Good workmanship, Reliable and flexible

Good workmanship that we don't have any issues with and no lengthy follow-up, unlike some of our friend's experience with their ID companies. Our ID Brandon is meticulous on aesthetics and also very prompt and patient with us as we could be rather fickle-minded, it has been quite a breeze working with him. He is also flexible with us getting our own door suppliers and working seamlessly with our vendors. The downside was the timeline which many homeowners might have the same experience elsewhere too. We signed our contract by end of March, only started demolition by the end April with simple carpentry design for the kitchen and master bedroom, and the renovation was done by early August.

Lagoon View

It was a pleasure working with 9 Creation on my house renovation. They were responsive and patient to our needs and questions. Their workmanship was excellent, which has met our expectations. Most impressive especially during this Covid era and manpower issue they were able to complete the renovation ahead of schedule. Will not hesitate to recommend 9 Creation to anyone looking for a reliable and quality ID.