Top notch workmanship and quality!

We are extremely grateful to have found 9 Creation. It is not only about the product, but the services rendered as well. ID is extremely helpful from concept to completion.
They guide us through every process and understand the pros and cons of different design elements. Workmanship and quality is top notch, no complains when I called them back for minor touch ups.

Will not hesitate to engage 9 Creation again for our next endeavor.

Professional and helpful! Highly recommend!

Vincent has been very responsive throughout the Reno journey and our communication has been smooth too. He will also go the extra mile to ensure that everything is done to our satisfaction and even after full payment has been made! 🙂

His team of workers are very professional and helpful. Will highly recommend Vincent to anyone that wants to start their BTO journey 🙂

Reliable and customer-focused team!

Positive experience with 9 Creation Pte Ltd, who is the contractor for our recent HDB flat renovation.

Brandon, our project manger is responsive and extremely patient dealing with older folks (my parents). Thoughtful and always willing to adjust the work schedule to suit our family schedule and specific needs.

We continued to stay in the space throughout the 8-week project, which posted a greater challenge for the team. Brandon had planned and managed the entire process very well. Even when he was on holiday, he continued follow up too.

Their team's attention to detail and commitment to high-quality work were evident at every stage. From the initial planning to the final touches, they take time to understand our requirements and executed it with precision. Also provided great advice to help us avoid potential pitfalls in renovation.

Minor defects were timely handled with great responsibility too. We are always assured of their commitment to get things rectified.

Been about 2-3 weeks since the renovation was completed. We love our new kitchen and bathrooms!

Highly recommend their services to home owners seeking a reliable and customer-focused team for renovations.

Designer was meticulous, dependable, communicative and has a good design taste!

ID: Li Chien

Renovation for first-time owners are undoubtedly stressful as it is a completely new experience and we have heard countless renovation nightmares from our friends and loved ones. However, we were extremely lucky to have met Li Chien as our ID and she was able to put our minds to ease throughout the entire renovation process. There were many areas which we were unsure of and we could always count on Li Chien to provide us with her professional and holistic inputs, ranging from space design, colour schemes, material choices and day-to-day usability. Due to our work commitments, there were some instances whereby both my partner and I could not be present to oversee certain major works. However, Li Chien would be sure to be at the site to oversee these works on our behalf and I must say that she has done an absolutely amazing job. This is evident from the excellent quality of our built-in carpentry. She also puts in the extra effort to ensure that we are always kept up to date on the latest progress and all our concerns or inputs are addressed before proceeding with any works. More importantly, she kept our entire renovation project within our stipulated budget!

In summary, Li Chien is very meticulous, dependable, communicative and has a good design taste. Highly recommended to find her as your ID.

- WC & FT

Experience & professional! Responsive even after handover!

Our ID Vincent Soo are responsive and have good technical knowledge about renovation with design sense. He deliver the project early and provide good after sales service and support even after handover.

Definately gem of 9Creation.

Exceptional craftsmanship and dedicated!

Our experience with Vincent Soo throughout our renovation journey has truly been remarkable, showcasing his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication. From the beginning to the end, Vincent has shown a good mix of creativity, professionalism, and dedication.

Vincent took the time to understand what we wanted, offering some interesting design ideas that exceeded our expectations. His attention to detail brought our vision to life in a beautiful way.

Throughout the process, Vincent's project management skills were exemplary, ensuring seamless progress and clear communication at every turn. His insistence on quality craftsmanship and transparent approach instilled confidence in us, making the entire renovation journey smooth and stress-free.

In summary, Vincent's expertise as an interior designer is unparalleled and his dedication to client satisfaction sets him apart. I wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation.

Responsive and hassle free!

We are re-renovating our 25yrs old flats. Brandon Toon from 9Creation follow through the process and constantly updating us the renovation progress. He did a very thorough discussion on the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet when all the hacking work is done which gave us a better picture with drawing and detailed explanation. He managed to help us to speed up the process and handover to us within 2 months time with everything perfectly done!

Much appreciated and Highly recommended!

We decided to engage Yan Ling as ours ID after meeting a few others mainly because of her great design concept for our living room ceiling at the very first discussion.
She fully understands our needs and requests and responds promptly. She is patient and flexible in coping with challenges we faced. Yan Ling is a very responsible ID. The whole process of renovation was hassle-free for us because any issues that were brought up were promptly addressed and we got prompt updates through WhatsApp.
Much appreciated and Highly recommended!

Greatly appreciated, and we were happy to be involved in every detail alongside their expertise.

Finally i can give this review..

Choosing 9 Creation Interior Design, under the leadership of Benny(our ID), was one of the best decisions we made for our renovation project.

As owners, we appreciated their collaborative approach, allowing us to be involved in every detail alongside their expertise.

Benny and his team ensured that our vision was understood and executed to perfection, while also offering valuable suggestions and solutions along the way.

This level of collaboration not only resulted in a space that exceeded our expectations but also gave us peace of mind throughout the entire process.

We highly recommend 9 Creation Interior Design for their dedication to collaboration and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

+ They finished on time(as long as u are not request too much outside from your contract ya)

Our main theme is minimalist modern Scandinavian.

These are tips for all homeowners:

1. Choose the ID following what you believe in and trust them, rather than just focusing on the results only + align with your own budgets..

2. Remember, along the way, you may encounter some additional costs due to your own add requests or conditions of your house/building, outside the scope of your contract. However, a good interior designer will strive to incorporate those costs internally to minimize additional expenses.

3. Choose the furniture, tiles, and accessories that follow your theme, and do not overspend without knowing whether they can be installed or not.

4. Make sure there is no seepage from outside that can ruin your design.

5. Check your plumbing.

6. Trust your ID suggestions & ask your IDs to itemize very detailed ya in ur quote.

7. Dont keep changing your design, cause this is can make delay your renovation

8. Last but not least, as owners, don't act like fast-food owners. You must take responsibility and inspect their work thoroughly, but remain respectful towards them. If you encounter any problems, please keep them informed and collaborate with your ID's

Enjoy ur renovation ya and hope the best to all of you..

Time for us to enjoy our first beautiful home.

Great work done within timeline!

I have completed renovation work for my 2 bedroom condo unit with 9 Creation and from start till end, the experience was great. My ID Kelvin is calm, patience and explain everything and assisted in all the ways to complete the work in short duration… I will strongly recommend Kelvin and 9 creation for future work…

Very satisfied with how our home turned out

We decided to engage 9creations after visiting several other companies, and found that 9creation’s pricing was transparent, reasonable and had good workmanship guarantees (24 months instead of usual 12).

To be honest, the start of our renovation journey with the company wasn’t the smoothest, but we were thankful that 9creations could acknowledge when their IDs fell short of expectations, and allowed us to change IDs twice. We were fortunate to end up with Wei Ting as our ID.

The first meeting with her left a good impression on us; she was actively noting down the things we mentioned and requested for her to send.

Even though Wei ting is quite new to the company, her proactiveness and willingness to fact-check and learn when she’s unsure of things set her apart from the other IDs we liaised with. On top of that, despite having to work with quite a tight timeline due to rental issues, she mananged to handover our home on time.

Wei ting was also prompt in responding to our queries and feedback, and quick in getting the contractors to rectify any issues. She was also transparent with all the pricings, explaining to us any additional cost or refunds when applicable.

No renovation journey is 100% perfect but Wei Ting was receptive to our feedback which we really appreciated.

Overall, we’re very satisfied with how our home turned out, and will recommend Wei Ting to any homeowners looking to revamp their home.

"Exemplary Renovation Service Delivery Journey"

After several meet-up with different IDs, we decided to go with Brandon from 9 Creation because he is very experienced, portray professionalism and he was able to find recommendations to make all our visions possible. he was able to advise us on what are the ideal type of products to purchase, which are suitable and which are not. He also has good connections with vendors and contractors, so anything that we needed he is able helped us settle through him so it was a lot less tedious. Very professional and he took all feedback seriously and followed through every single one. From accepting our project despite the tight deadline to keeping us regularly updated on the progress of the house renovations. He is really quick to respond to our messages and queries at any time of the day, even after the project's completion. He ensured that my home renovations went smoothly and significantly alleviated various challenges associated with setting up a new abode. From project management, to addressing our concerns, he is throughout patient, thorough and detailed, with designs well thought out. He is experienced with a good sense of various designs, organized, approachable, very friendly, easy-going, reliable and has displayed an exceptional work ethic. Personally, i will not cast a doubt to recommend this designer to anyone embarking on their new home journey.

We had our own layout in mind, but the range of designs available to choose (ranging from carpentry and choice of materials) proposed by designer was good and aesthetically pleasing.

Good quality, from using blum soft closing hinges, internal colour PVC to solid wood work all included without extra charge. Overall great workmanship. Carpenter and electrician have also proven their immense experience during the entire process.

Excellent service, Brandon always responded to our queries and feedback and made sure all are rectified accordingly. After handover if any issues he mentioned we can always approach him if need to. Definitely professional and excellent service. Prompt in replies, thoughtful, organized, came up with a time schedule for various works to be completed, coordinates the delivery of my purchases and constantly provided updates on progress. Approachable and patient in addressing concerns. Always goes an extra mile in trying to accommodate my schedule.

Value for Money
It's within the industry market price range and has significantly made my renovation journey more enjoyable and less arduous in achieving a comfortable abode.

Reliable ID & grateful to be so fortunate to engaged them to renovate our house!

Excellent Renovation by: Han Yong, Alistair, Ebel

After visiting 3 of the Best and Most popular ID Companies in Singapore.
Eventually, We entrusted 9 Creations to do the renovation.
It is Mainly because of Goh Han Yong.

He is very Sincere and Honest in explaining the details of the Works & Prices,
He advised us truefully.
Han Yong is always working on controlling the Quality of the renovations with his team.

Han Yong is also very selfless (willing to share) in the team.
you must understand, in a team with a few other ID colleagues.
( they must share their benefits). Because of his arrangement, I can approach anyone of the team ID persons for assistance anytime.

Furthermore, EVEN after the renovation is Completed, He is still always thoughtful for the owner in many ways. (Good after Sales Service).

while Alistair is very capable in dealing with the workers, at first, my thinking is always very different with him, in the end, the output results proof that he is correct.
Now, I am convinced that he is really a intelligent ID. Alistair is also able the to look into the minors details of the works that is overlooked by the owner that required to be done.

I am also surprised and impressed when Alistair (ID) come in one night, to do by himself an Urgent Electical Switch and Lights Mounting.

With Ebel around, she accept your ideas and most importantly Improved on your ideas to design the house. She is able to help to design it clearly to my strict requirements.
She is patient to listen to you and use computer immediately to draft out the design planning precisely.
Ebel is creative & has the attention to the details. She is always friendly and easy to communicate with.

Overall, I now really understand & convinced that :
9 Creations is a secure & safe company to deal with.
Because the money transactions between the owner and the company is very transparent and proper.

We have come across many different contractors renovating a number of our other shops/ shop houses and a few other private properties.
After getting the deposit payments, some others will behave differently.
However, this team has been very helpful throughout the whole Duration of the renovation.

I am really thankful & grateful to be so fortunate to have this particular 3 persons to renovate our house.

Han Yong (Sincerity)
Alistair (Capable)
Ebel (Good Designer)

9 Creation (Secure & Safe)

From: Alan’s Family.
Pasir Ris Beach Detached House

The quality of the delivered is as per the initial presentation!

We had our 5 room hdb house renovated through 9 Creations. Li Chien was our ID, she was very professional and was always patient to address our queries or any last minute modifications brought in.
She was the sole point of contact for us from the start to end. The quality of the delivered is as per the initial presentation. Thanks and all the best