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Dark, edgier designs can quickly go out of trend so let’s keep it simple.

When it comes to Scandinavian, simplicity is key. More and more Singaporean homeowners are beginning to adopt this Nordic style because of its understated elegance captured with just a few materials. Natural light, wide open spaces, and white-to-neutral colour palettes – what’s not to love? Feel crowded out by the concrete jungle of Singapore? Then the Scandinavian approach was made just for you. Read on to be captivated by especially jaw-dropping designs that take this clean and refreshing approach.

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Scandinavian has been at the core of today’s fashion trend for quite some time, and the same observation can be made about interior design. A neutral white-beige palette is a simple strategy to creating a streamlined, soft, and refined aesthetic. While it is perfectly fine to inject some bold colours here and there, but they should not overwhelm the calm serenity of what makes Scandinavian interior designs so popular in the first place.

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Although traditionally bare and simple, the Scandinavian aesthetic still leaves room for the bold and daring. The design theme has naturally evolved to integrate a variety of styles, borrowing from the more avant-garde slant of modern interior design and the rustic edges of country. Straight lines and sharp edges help define the space, adding sophistication and sleekness to the design. Even with these modern additions, the simple core of the Scandinavian theme still remains intact.

Of course, at the heart of Scandinavian simplicity is an artful minimalism. The aesthetic is heavily inspired by a “less is more” philosophy. Decluttered spaces and furniture limited to what is functionally necessary are the rules to swear by, creating a wider sense of space that promotes relaxation. Minimalism lies at the heart of what makes Scandinavian homes so relaxing. The absence of litter and chaos brings an aura of clarity and cleanliness to the space. The beautiful wood and bright, natural lighting become the center piece of the design, adding to its Scandinavian charm.

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