HDB Interior Design

If you already live in a flat that is owned by the Housing Development Board, then we can provide you with your very own package for HDB interior design in Singapore, specially tailored to your flat. Our package involves everything from renovating multiple rooms within your flat, to a complete home redevelopment altogether. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it at 9 Creation. Our team have worked in a wide number of HDB flats within Singapore and can help you to redesign your flat from scratch without you having to break the bank.

After we are finished, you will be left with your very own customized design, which will not only allow your flat to outshine others but will also increase its worth as a whole. We have a wide range of designs from you to choose from, all of which can be specially customized to your personal preferences and design needs. Our team will work with you closely to create the best design you have always dreamed of, using modern-day technology (3D visualization) to show you the best design before we put it into place within your flat.

Once we have agreed on a particular design, our team will get to work on your flat. They work fast and efficiently to ensure that we meet each and every deadline that we have agreed on, whilst also working within your best budget range. What we agree at the start of the project will be what you pay, no hidden fees, no-nonsense.


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The Work Involved In Each Project

Each project will begin with the re-designing of the walls and flooring within your room. Based on your personal preferences, we will choose from a wide range of high-quality materials, all of which are specially sourced from some of the best suppliers in Singapore. For example, if you are looking for a more traditional looking living room, we will make use of particular woods to create a comfortable yet traditional feeling. On the other hand, if you are looking for a modern look, we often make use of brighter materials that often make rooms appear larger. After we have created the design for your walls and floors, we will begin to choose furniture for your room. The furniture that we choose will be based around your perspectives, from both a practical and visual perspective. We will add certain features of the room that you would like, as well as use smart technology such as smart lighting to add to the room’s overall character. Such features are extremely popular and crucial in many modern designs.

After the job is completed, our interior designers Singapore team will clean your premises thoroughly, ensuring that any dust or other mess is removed once the building work has come to an end. As we aim to bring you the best HDB interior design in Singapore, You will be left with a bespoke looking room that has been tailored around your personal preferences. By working with us, you can have your HBD flat customized to you, ensuring only the best results in each and every room that we design.

Why 9 Creation?

For the people who are wondering why to go for the interior designers in Singapore services from 9 Creation, here are the main reasons:

We’ll keep you in the process throughout so you won’t be missed out on any decisions we take for your place.

We offer the best services to all our customers. You can go for a complete renovation or choose a portion of your house. In any case, we’ll offer you the best.

The value of money you’ll get from the interior design Singapore would be worthwhile. You won’t regret your decision while hiring 9 Creation as the recommended interior design Singapore Company.

We will help you at every step of redesigning and renovating your home. Our aim is to help you choose the best products that would help you in the end. So, you can trust us with all these aspects.

Choose 9 Creation as this is the right choice.

Importance of Your Interior Design Ideas

We can provide you with an initial consultation prior to any design work to ensure that we can create a time based on what your room is used for, as well as the design around the rest of your home.


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