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Are you tired of the design in your home and would like to make some changes? Maybe you would prefer a complete home renovation? If so, we can help. At 9 Creation, we offer the best home renovation package in Singapore, specially designed and tailored around your needs as our customer. We can provide you with a large range of popular pre-made designs or work with you directly to help you bring your own unique design to life. No matter what your personal preferences are, we can renovate your home from top to bottom, providing you with a bespoke design in each and every room.

Home Renovation PackageOur team have worked a wide number of different homes, all of which have ranged in terms of size and complexity of the work. As a result, we have developed the experience and knowledge to provide you with only the best home renovation package, no matter how complex you believe the task may be. Our designs range from traditional home designs, making use of high-quality wooden materials to create a traditional feeling, to more modern spectacles that catch the eye of guests and provide you with a clean looking bright home. If you would like a mix of these two designs in rooms around your home, we can also complete that for you. No matter what design you are aiming for, our suppliers will provide us with the best materials for the job.

What Is Included In The Package?

The home renovation package includes a complete revamp of each room within your home, or a selected few that you would like a new design for. We will take our time to work on each room, ensuring that we can provide you with a design based around your lifestyle, ensuring that the room looks and function the way that you would like it too. We believe in functionality when creating all of our designs, often making use of new innovative gadgets such as smart lighting, underfloor heating and smart alarm systems to bring technology into your home.

By working on each room one at a time, we can ensure that each design is compatible with others within your home, whilst also ensuring that each room is designed and renovated to perfection. Our team use the best equipment in the industry to ensure that each job is completed as efficiently as possible, ensuring that we waste no time at all while also providing a high-quality result. Once we have finished in a particular room, we will make sure to leave the room spotless whilst we move onto the next one. After each room is completed, we will clean your home from top to bottom, ensuring that your new design is dust free from the work that we have completed. Throughout the project, we will provide you with regular updates about what stage of the project we are on to ensure that you are up to date and can plan for when the project has been completed.

Importance of Your Interior Design Ideas

We can provide you with an initial consultation prior to any design work to ensure that we can create a time based on what your room is used for, as well as the design around the rest of your home.


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