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At 9 Creation, we understand the importance of the interior within your home. Having worked on hundreds of different designs, we know that the design can have a significant influence on the home, with the smallest change often making the largest difference to the overall appearance and character of a room. We provide a wide range of high-quality home renovation services in Singapore, all of which can be tailored to your home. In particular, we specialize in home & living interior design and renovation, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this particular niche. We have worked on hundreds of homes in Singapore, from large private homes to smaller condos, in which we have provided a broad range of different designs and services. No matter what you are looking for, our home renovation contractor recommendation in Singapore can have the job completed for you as soon as possible, ensuring that we provide you with nothing less than absolute perfection. No job is too large or too small for us and will be completed with ease.


Home renovation contractors in singapore

What Do Our Home Design Services Include?

We provide a wide range of home design services, all of which are tailored to your personal preferences. They include everything from the redesigning of a single room within your home to a complete renovation of each room. The amount of time that we take on for each project will depend on the scale of work, as well as the complexity of the work itself. Prior to the start of any project, our team will inform you of the price of the project, as well as how long it will take. Whilst the work is being completed for you, we will provide you with regular updates about where we are, as well as photos should you be unable to see the property for yourself. No matter what service you have asked for, the end result will be a bespoke-looking new room or interior for your home, which has been specially designed by industry-leading experts.


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What Makes Our Services Stand Out?

We provide the best home renovation in Singapore for a number of reasons. Firstly, our team are trained to the highest level possible and are required to have a number of years of experience within interior design before they can even apply for a role. This ensures that we recruit only the best team members, which allows us to complete each and every job to the highest possible level. Alongside this, our team is required to take up training on a monthly basis to ensure that they are aware of any changes within the industry and can continue to perform industry-leading services no matter how complex the job may be. This drive to learn and innovate is brought into each project and can clearly be seen in the results that we produce from every project that we have worked on.

Alongside this expert knowledge, our team makes use of the best technology in the industry to complete projects with precision. Using top-of-the-market technology including 3D scans of your home, we can pinpoint the exact amount of material we need for a job, as well as the exact measurements that are needed. This allows us to complete jobs to the millimeter, ensuring that every part of the design is absolutely perfect.

This truly bespoke service is all provided to you at an affordable price. We understand that interior design services can be somewhat expensive. However, we like to deviate from this stereotype. All of our services are provided to our customers at a price that they can afford, ensuring that we stick to their budget even when the work is being completed. The price that we agree on at the very start of the project is the one that we will work from and this will not change throughout the project. 

By doing this, we can make sure that you can effectively budget without having to stress about any unexpected costs. For the opportunity to work with our team of experts, contact us directly to discover how we can help you construct the home design of your dreams.

What will you get from 9 Creation?

Having the great team ready to help you with renovation Singapore, you can expect the following from 9 Creation:

  • We’ll give you the best service, so you will come back with your projects and recommend us to others.
  • The money value you’ll receive would be high enough to give you the proper satisfaction level with your renovation Singapore services.
  • You’ll be part of all the decisions that we’ll make for your home or office, so you can give your suggestions and get things done how you need them.

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Importance of Your Interior Design Ideas

We can provide you with an initial consultation prior to any design work to ensure that we can create a time based on what your room is used for, as well as the design around the rest of your home.


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