Living Room Design

For many individuals, the living room space within their home is the place in which they spend the most time. It is a place in which they can wind down after a long day, read a book, or watch tv, as well as a place in which the family can gather during the weekends for movie evenings. As a result, the design is more important than many of the other rooms within your home. To have your living room designed by a recommended ID in Singapore, look no further than the 9 Creation team. We have worked on a wide range of different large-small living room, from traditional designs that make use of wood to create a comfortable environment, to modern designs that make use of modern materials such as marble in order to create a timeless masterpiece. No matter your personal preferences, we can provide you with a high-quality living room design in Singapore, based entirely on your personal preferences.


Importance of Your Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to living room designs, our interior designers team has a wealth of experience in choosing designs based on the look of your home. It is important that your design within your living room space compliments that of your home in order to feel as comfortable as possible. After all, if the design is completely different, it may cause a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort, something that nobody wants to feel in their own home. We can provide you with an initial consultation prior to any design work to ensure that we can create a time based on what your room is used for, as well as the design around the rest of your home.


It’s all about furniture.

The living rooms are often the first chance of impression of a guest. Comfort is also an extremely important characteristic of every living space. 9Creation is a professional home interior design renovation company in Singapore. You will end up with a living room ideas layout that impresses your guests and can make you want to return to you at night. Contact us for your entire interior design renovation requirement in Singapore.

Practical Furnishing

The living room area at HDB flats can be restricted, but there are some design ideas. Use attractive furniture light enough to achieve the room design goal. Make your furniture function double duty to optimize the area of the house. Use a coffee table with side-holed nooks or sofa with compartments easily accessible by elevator. Secondly, make sure that the arrangement creates an opening for a conversation. What new designers should I try? We hope you learned about how to improve your HDB bedroom. What are some tips for new designs? Let’s talk about your interior design living room Singapore project with 9Creation

Play with lighting on Living Room

When properly implemented in the large or small living room, natural light can convey the ambience you want. You need to be inspired to look at some things stylish elements about them which are your main activities for which space you are mostly used. They’re the determining factor for the types of lights you will need. If homeowners enjoy watching a number of television shows, place some lighting, so they avoid reflections that glare the eyes. If you work much in the living room, you can get a table lamp for the light source. A second thing to check is your task lighting, which is particularly important for houses with weak natural light. From design to installation, and of the forms that are a type of natural lighting.

Create a focal point

You can order in your huge or small space by making a focal object in it. This will give visitors a place in their eyes when they enter their space. If the space has nothing like this, you are able to create your own focal point with artwork style or large accessories. In a neutral colour palette, our room design space was bright in an off-white room colour which complemented the majolica of the wall. We also picked grey furniture that perfectly matches our palette and did our best to make the furniture not draw focus away from the feature wall in the living room.

Choose a colour scheme palette

If you want to go for the typical Mediterranean style you’ll want to stick to this particular colour palette. Once you have your palette settled you can paint and add furniture that matches. This keeps the living room from being messy and chaotic, and it provides a great means to concentrate on what should be said. The Lake Life Apartment chose fresh pastel colours to make the small apartment seem larger. The soft grey hues of the couch and fully long curtains created a warm and inviting environment. By choosing the correct colours we were able to optimize living room design in small apartments.

Experiment with textures & patterns

Texturations or patterns can come in different forms across walls and ceilings or across beds and rugs. When you’re picking up flat patterns, consider the subject you want to emphasize in an interesting way and let these influences be yours. Wainscoting is a type of wall panel for homes wanting a royal look to their lounge. It’s good to make a contrast. This home project idea may be implemented elegantly by the use of wainscoting. Keep experimenting with interior designs and textures as well. It’s a beautiful way to introduce the same theory.

Platforms and Elevations

Floor Platforms can additionally be used for storage ideas sections maximizing space in the living room. Replace the ‘normal’ sofa and TV and the mat tatami for tea or coffee at the middle of the day and there’s your signature minimalist design zen-esque look. For those with a higher ceiling, add a stairway elevated with side cabinets. The top decor acts as an additional playground or rest area adding an additional dimension when positioning a small staircase with a storage cupboard.

Divider Panels For Opening Up Space

Divider panels are a means to free space and privacy. You can choose an attractive divider design that separates living room from bedroom space. Other styles are half glass partition design element which offers ideas an easier to open concept look with comparison to the former, and the appearance of larger houses. These design tips will certainly reduce a look like small room’s feel.

Create a mood with scents

Compare with some object smells add an additional tips dimension to the way we feel about living room space. Aside from candles, the product has aroma diffusers, electric diffusers for aroma oils. As such there are a variety of scents emitted such as the sharp citrus for this refreshing refreshment or that mild nautical scent of the sea for those in search of air. The scents include nautical and reed fragrances.

After we have provided you with an initial consultation, we can begin on the design aspect of your living room interior design Singapore. We will usually start with the walls and floors, using simple yet bold paints to create your walls, followed by a wide range of comfortable carpets and wooden flooring for your floor space. All of these are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Singapore, ensuring that they will not only add character to your living room but will withstand the test of time.

We can provide you with a range of pre-made designs for your living room to begin with, allowing you to choose from a number of general ‘themes’ for the room itself. This can help to provide us with an initial approach to take when it comes to your design, which we will then tailor to your wants and preferences. We will tailor the design by a number of different features including children, pets and the use of the room itself, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Contact our team today and discover how they can provide your living room with a true design that makes you proud each time you enter the room.

Importance of Your Interior Design Ideas

We can provide you with an initial consultation prior to any design work to ensure that we can create a time based on what your room is used for, as well as the design around the rest of your home.


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