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5 Stunning Sliding Wardrobe Door Ideas For You To Try

A sliding door wardrobe is a modern solution for storage.  With a number of different designs available, it can be fitted to almost any size of room and is very popular as a home improvement. 

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal choice for adding the best of form and function into your bedroom décor. Since such doors slide on channels, they don’t need any space to open out like swinging doors, making them an ideal storage solution for small bedrooms and rooms or hallways with limited space. Sliding door frames are an excellent choice for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the flexibility they offer.

What is a sliding Door Wardrobe?

A sliding door wardrobe is a type of wardrobe which is made to slide open. It has sliding doors on either side of the room that are held in place by a track. This means that you can easily open or close the doors, and the doors can be used to store clothes. You can have different sizes of wardrobe sliding door based on wardrobe sliding doors price.

Here are 5 stunning ideas to pick the perfect wardrobe sliding door for your home:

Sliding wardrobe door with barn style

You can use barn door fixings as an alternative to a track for a sliding door walk-in wardrobe. Designed to fit through doorways of all sizes, you can try steel bars will give your doors a modern and industrial look, and work well in both contemporary schemes and in more traditional surroundings.

Glass sliding door wardrobe 

You can make your bedroom even more stylish and elegant by using glass as a material for your sliding door wardrobe. There are two catches to this deal: you must be organized with your clothing and personal items, and you have to use the code correctly.

Glasses give your eyes a more distinguished look, and an organized wardrobe allows you to express your unique style through your clothes. Glass can be pretty flexible; just don’t use thick, heavy-duty glass. You can also added sliding door with mirrors to create more spacious feel in your bedroom. Sliding door wardrobe design with mirror is an excellent choice if you mix the wardrobe with wooden material.

Frosted glass sliding door wardrobe

If you like the cool chic that glass brings but don’t want to put the contents of your wardrobe on show for the world to see, frosted glass is for you. The bedroom needed a modern touch and a storage solution. sliding wardrobe doors achieve both. Between your bed and wall is a small area. frosted glass looks modern with exposed brickwork.

Sliding walk-in wardrobe doors

If you have a sufficient amount of space, then a walk-in sliding wardrobe design is the coolest idea. A dressing room just has to be big enough to fit everything. This one is also equipped with sliding doors. 

Stay with your bedroom theme

To make the most out of the space in the room, it should be designed around the theme. Treat the sliding door of the wardrobe as a canvas to work with. Be prepared for it to be something unexpected and fun. It’s the perfect theme for a room that likes to kick it on the couch after work.

Your wardrobe doors are shaped as an icosahedron, a shape in which two sides are congruent. The lines of the pattern continue on the overhanging loft and the football décor extends to other parts of the room.

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Create your best sliding door wardrobe with 9Creation

There is nothing like sliding doors for your wardrobe for letting in light and making the space feel bigger. If you want a quick and easy way to upgrade your existing doors, then these sliding doors are a good choice. Sliding doors are versatile and can add elegance to any room. 9Creation has made it easy for you to create a perfect sliding door wardrobe with all the features you’re looking for as well as your interior design. Call us for more information!



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