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Small House, Big Style!

Two thousand more built-to-order (BTO) flats will be launched this year with shorter waiting times, announced Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong in Parliament. As more Built-To-Order flats are being built every year in Singapore, with families and couples moving into their new homes. Flat sizes are, however, getting smaller and smaller due to our rising need for housing.

Renovating a home in Singapore can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re faced with space constraints. After all, we wouldn’t usually associate a 95 square metre (or less) apartment with the word spacious. Thankfully though, we’ve learnt to get creative with interior design! Not convinced? Perhaps these following 5 hacks might change your mind.

1. Use Simple Colour To Brighten Up Space

From the light colours that make the room feel open and airy to the customized TV console that’s sleek and functional, the homeowners of this apartment prove that sticking to a simple colour scheme and making smart furniture choices can make all the difference to their apartment.

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2. Furniture With Exposed Legs Is Key

When you have a small living room design, it’s best to give bulky and cumbersome furniture a miss. Instead, opt for small pieces of furniture with exposed legs. The exposed legs give the illusion of spaciousness and allow light to filter through, creating a sense of lightness as the tables and chairs look like they are floating on air.

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3. Use Glass Wall

If you like the idea of using partitions to demarcate spaces without having to visually divide the rooms, why not use glass walls? Not only simple renovation but do they bring a sleek modern feel to your home, but they also allow more light to flow in, making your place seem much larger than it really is!

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4. Use Mirrors To Strategically Enlarge Space

A well-placed mirror can do wonders for a small apartment! By placing several half-length mirrors placed strategically in the living room that reflect light and brighten the room, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

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5. Have An Open Kitchen

It’s an open secret that living spaces tend to look more spacious with an open kitchen. A practical design solution for small homes, hacking the dividing kitchen wall not only opens up the area, but the homeowner’s decision to choose a colour scheme that complements the living area makes the kitchen look like a continuation of the living room. After all, who could say no to a larger kitchen?

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Sometimes it’s not about how much space there is but what you do with space. With all these neat tips, a spacious house is definitely at your fingertips. Get connected with our interior designer who will be able to guide you in your interior journey. What are you waiting for? Schedule a free no-obligation appointment with us today via the link here: