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Maximize Your Space With These 8 Small Living Room Ideas

Small living room ideas can change a space from being crammed and cluttered to being cosy and calming and ensure there is no wasted space in a small living space. Our ideas will inspire decor for the smallest snugs, turning them into the loveliest of lounges.

There are several intelligent ways to make your small living room feel more significant than it actually is. Many classic-style sofas and armchairs are finished with beautiful turned wooden legs, which makes this trick perfect for any living room.

Take inspiration from these modern small living room ideas to make beautiful small space designs and unlock the potential of your small living room:

Hack your wall

While this is a dramatic change, the owners have created more space by opening up the wall behind the sofa, revealing the light-filled hallway behind it. Suppose you have a spare wall and don’t want to take out your walls. You’ll just open up a small part of the wall to give yourself more light. 

A good architect or a structural engineer can give you advice on building an extension. A hole in the wall may answer your small space problem.

Choose the right color palette

When designing a small room, the primary thing to remember is to make sure that all the tones stick to the same colour scheme. If you want to accentuate the scheme further, you need to shift your focus to monochromatic and tone-in shades.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be colorful, but it does mean that it should stick to a neutral tone like terracotta, beige, and rust.

Be careful when you pick the sofa

It is possible to lighten the space with a neutral sofa set designs for small living room, but not a plain design. Styles with curves, buttons or fluting will add character to a small space without overpowering it. It is possible to keep the look light with bolder shades and patterns. An accent chair can add a pop of colour to a room. The sofa has to be precisely picked to match the size of your small living room.

Add mirrors in your living room

An exciting way to add light and airiness to your living room is by adding a mirror in your entryway. You can also try creating the illusion of a bigger space by adding mirrors to the opposing walls.

Mirrors can create a sense of spaciousness, but they can also be a real eyesore if you don’t know what you’re doing. Mirror Tip: Use the right size for the space. Consider using a large mirror or a wall-mounted mirror if you have a large area. If you have a small area, use a smaller mirror or a floor-standing mirror.

Use built-in storage

You don’t have to worry about where to put things when you have built-in storage. Just leave it to the professionals. It is better to have built-in shelving and cabinets than freestanding shelving. The built-in seating area is a great idea that will save space. Open coffee tables are ideal for areas that don’t have a lot of storage. You’ll be able to create a more open feeling in the room with this piece.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to save space while still ensuring your living room is as cosy and functional. According to Diaz, this could look like placing bookshelves near windows so they can double as window seats or opting for plush coffee table furniture that can also be used as seating.

Create a different variety of heights and depths

You should try to use different furniture with varying heights and depths when decorating your small rooms, such as sofas or recliners, in order for the space to feel more open than it actually is. In the final stage, creativity can be as important as anything else.

Add small accessories or artwork

It’s best to display only photos with special meaning or importance in your life. These will help your walls look broader and brighter, which will make them feel a lot more spacious than they are.

In a smaller space, use one colour throughout the room in a smaller area, and don’t mix in too many patterns or textures. This is an excellent way to decorate so that nothing stands out or dominates the room, making it a perfect centrepiece. Use paint to designate different areas within the room. Add plants to bring a feeling of life to the room.

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