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HDB BTO Flats (Build-to-order) by 9creation in Singapore

Have you ever imagined stepping into a home that perfectly aligns with your vision of modern living? HDB BTO flats, or Build-to-Order flats, offer just that—affordable, well-planned residences across Singapore’s vibrant estates. These highly sought-after flats, released periodically in BTO launches, cater to families of all sizes and budgets.

At 9Creation, we understand that moving into a new HDB BTO flat is more than just acquiring a home; it’s about creating a space that reflects your unique style and needs. Our comprehensive renovation and interior design services ensure your new home is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We personalize every aspect of the design, making sure that your home stands out and provides the comfort and modern amenities you deserve.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner eager to step into your dream home or looking to upgrade your living space, HDB BTO flats are an ideal choice. Our team at 9Creation is committed to transforming your new flat into a sanctuary of modern living. With us, every detail is crafted to perfection, ensuring your new home is truly yours in every sense.



What is HDB BTO Flats (Build-to-order) ?

The Housing Development Board’s (HDB) Build-to-Order (BTO) system, introduced in 2001, is a key method for selling new flats in Singapore, addressing shortcomings of the previous Registration for Flats System (RFS). Potential buyers apply to ballot for a chance to select a flat in proposed sites, with successful applicants confirming their selection through a booking exercise. The BTO system offers buyers upfront information about the expected completion date, location, and type of flat, providing clarity and allowing informed decisions.

Designed to better estimate demand and manage supply, the system enables HDB to adjust offerings based on market conditions, reducing the risk of oversupply or undersupply. Additionally, HDB provides a range of BTO flats with various attributes, price points, locations, and housing grants to cater to diverse buyer needs and budgets. Fully implemented in January 2002, the BTO system replaced the RFS and has become a primary method for selling new HDB flats, along with the Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) system, ensuring that supply matches demand effectively while providing flexibility, transparency, and market responsiveness.


What is the difference between HDB, BTO, and flats?

The different types of flats in Singapore, including HDB, BTO, and DBSS, have distinct characteristics and advantages that cater to various needs and preferences of homebuyers.

Category Definition Types of Flats Availability Eligibility Features Advantages Disadvantages
HDB (Housing Development Board) The public housing authority in Singapore responsible for building and managing public housing. 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room flats, executive apartments, DBSS flats Open market, resale, Build-to-Order (BTO) scheme At least one applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR). N/A N/A N/A
BTO (Build-to-Order) Flats Newly-built HDB flats launched before their construction, part of HDB’s public housing scheme. Standard layouts Ballot system, with launches typically occurring every three months At least one applicant must be a Singapore Citizen. Fresh 99-year lease Generally cheaper than resale flats, offers a fresh start with a new home The wait time can be longer, typically between 3 to 5 years
DBSS (Design, Build, and Sell Scheme) Flats HDB flats developed by private developers under HDB’s supervision. N/A Resale market Same eligibility criteria as for BTO flats Designed to be more upscale than BTO flats but less expensive than private condominiums Often have prime locations and can achieve high resale prices Prices can be higher than BTO flats, and they are not as heavily subsidized by the government
When comparing BTO flats and DBSS flats, several key differences stand out. BTO flats typically have a longer wait time for completion, while DBSS flats are available immediately through the resale market. In terms of price, BTO flats are generally more affordable compared to DBSS flats, which, although more expensive than BTO flats, are still cheaper than private condominiums. Location-wise, DBSS flats often enjoy prime locations, whereas BTO flats are not always built in mature estates. Additionally, BTO flats, being new, are often easier to renovate, whereas DBSS flats may require more extensive renovations depending on their condition. Understanding these differences helps homebuyers make informed decisions based on their needs, budget, and preferences.


HDB BTO June 2024 Launch Reviews

The upcoming June 2024 BTO launch by HDB features projects in strategic locations across Singapore, providing a range of unit types to suit diverse household needs:

1. Jurong East

    • Unit Types Offered: 3-room, 4-room, 5-room
    • Price Range: SGD 280,000 – SGD 650,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Jurong East boasts excellent connectivity with major expressways and public transport links. Residents can enjoy amenities such as JCube, Westgate, and IMM for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Educational institutions like Jurong Junior College and healthcare facilities such as Ng Teng Fong General Hospital are also nearby.


2. Kallang/Whampoa

    • Unit Types Offered: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room
    • Price Range: SGD 250,000 – SGD 600,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Located centrally, Kallang/Whampoa offers residents access to various sports and recreational facilities including Kallang Wave Mall and Singapore Sports Hub. Parks like Marina Bay Golf Course provide green spaces, and proximity to Boon Keng MRT station ensures convenient transportation options.


3. Queenstown

    • Unit Types Offered: 4-room, 5-room, 3Gen
    • Price Range: SGD 320,000 – SGD 700,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Queenstown is known for its rich cultural heritage and convenient amenities. Residents can access Queenstown Public Library, Queenstown Stadium for sports enthusiasts, and enjoy easy commute to the Central Business District (CBD) via Queenstown MRT station.


4. Tampines

    • Unit Types Offered: 3-room, 5-room
    • Price Range: SGD 300,000 – SGD 680,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Tampines is a family-friendly town with extensive recreational facilities at Tampines Hub. Educational institutions like Temasek Polytechnic and green spaces such as Bedok Reservoir Park offer a balanced lifestyle for residents.


5. Woodlands

    • Unit Types Offered: 2-room Flexi, 4-room, 5-room
    • Price Range: SGD 270,000 – SGD 620,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Woodlands is expanding rapidly with connectivity improvements such as the Thomson-East Coast Line. Residents benefit from amenities at Causeway Point, healthcare services at Woodlands Health Campus, and easy access to Malaysia via the Woodlands Checkpoint.



    • Unit Types Offered: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 5-room
    • Price Range: SGD 260,000 – SGD 610,000
    • Nearby Amenities: Yishun offers a serene living environment with parks like Yishun Park and educational facilities including Northland Secondary School. Khatib MRT station provides convenient transportation options for residents.


Project Highlights

Marsiling Peak I & II, Woodlands

  • Unit Types: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, 3Gen
  • Price Range: SGD 32,000 – SGD 569,000
  • Nearby: Located near Woodlands MRT station, residents enjoy easy access to public transportation, schools, and a range of amenities including shopping malls and healthcare facilities.

Chencharu Hills, Yishun

  • Unit Types: 2-room Flexi to 5-room
  • Price Range: SGD 38,000 – SGD 496,000
  • Nearby: Situated near Khatib MRT station, Chencharu Hills offers residents proximity to parks, schools, and recreational facilities, providing a balanced lifestyle in a tranquil setting.

Financing Your BTO Flat

When financing your BTO flat, consider the following options:

  • HDB Loan: Offers a stable fixed interest rate and allows financing of up to 90% of the flat’s purchase price. This is suitable for buyers seeking predictable monthly payments and higher financing options.
  • Bank Loan: Provides flexibility with variable interest rates and typically finances up to 75% of the flat’s cost. Buyers can choose from various banks and loan packages to find competitive rates and terms.

Utilize online affordability calculators available on HDB’s official website to estimate monthly payments based on your income and financial commitments. Consulting with mortgage advisors will help you understand the implications of each loan option and plan your finances effectively.


Additional Resources

To facilitate informed decision-making, utilize these resources:

  • Affordability Calculators: Estimate your monthly mortgage payments to ensure they fit within your budget constraints.
  • Consulting Mortgage Experts: Gain insights into loan eligibility criteria, interest rates, repayment terms, and financial planning strategies tailored to your specific needs.

The guide incorporates visual aids such as images, floor plans, and comparative tables to enhance understanding and facilitate comparisons between different project offerings. This comprehensive approach aims to empower prospective homeowners with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the BTO flat purchasing process confidently in Singapore’s competitive housing market.


Transforming HDB BTO Flats: Tailored Renovation and Interior Design Solutions

The HDB BTO application and selection process offers a range of flat types, including 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room flats, and 3Gen flats, catering to different family sizes and needs. Potential buyers can apply for their preferred flat and estate, with balloting determining the outcome. As of 24 February 2023, new priority schemes have been introduced, granting eligible first-timer families with children and couples under 40 years old an additional BTO ballot, increasing their chances of securing a flat.

These developments in the HDB BTO scheme present significant opportunities for renovation and interior design projects. With a variety of flat types available, each with unique spatial layouts, there is a demand for tailored renovation solutions to optimize living spaces. For instance, 2-room Flexi flats may require creative space-saving designs, while larger 5-room and 3Gen flats offer more flexibility for elaborate interior design projects.

Moreover, the priority schemes aim to support young families, who are likely to seek functional and stylish interiors to accommodate their growing needs. This opens up a market for interior design projects focused on creating child-friendly, practical, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Renovation projects can also capitalize on the new condition of BTO flats, offering custom designs that enhance the inherent modern features of these homes. In summary, the evolving HDB BTO application and selection process not only provides diverse housing options but also stimulates the demand for specialized renovation and interior design services, catering to the specific needs and preferences of different homeowners.


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