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How To Use Wallpaper As An Affordable Home Decor Accent In Singapore

Wallpaper as an affordable home decor accent is something that most people have not been aware of. In Singapore, being able to use wallpaper as a affordable home decor is now a possibility. This will help those who are looking for a solution to their home’s decoration dilemma since it is a cheaper alternative to other types of wall coverings.

This article will show you the steps on how you can put up this kind of decoration in your homes and offices. It does not matter what type of wall texture it has because the technique is universal. You can look at some examples from different parts of Singapore or take advice from your friends who have tried using this technique before.


1. The benefits of using wallpaper as a decor

The benefits of using wallpaper as a decor is that it is cheaper than other types of wall coverings. Wallpapers are affordable and decorative which gives room for creativity. It is also easy to put up and remove so it does not require any type of tools and damages the walls unlike other types of decoration. Another benefit is that walls can be created with colorful patterns and designs which allows one to express their taste and creativity.

2. Types of wallpapers

There are two types of wallpapers. They are easy to put up and take down since they don’t damage the walls. You can also express your taste with this decoration because it is colorful and people like it.

3. Steps to install wallpaper in your home or office

You can put up wallpaper in your home or office. This is a type of decoration that costs less than other things to make your house look pretty. It is easy to put on the walls and easy to take off, which means it doesn’t hurt the walls you have at home or at work. There are two types of wallpapers- one that is hard and one that is soft. You can choose what kind you want!


4. Different ways to use the same type of wallpaper for different rooms

It’s okay if you want the same kind of wallpaper in two different rooms, but it will be better if you get more than one type of wallpaper. For example, red and green.

5. How you can mix and match different types of wallpapers in one room

One way to mix and match different types of wallpapers in a room is by matching a pattern with a solid color. Rather than making your entire room one color, adding some wallpaper for contrast can add depth and dimension to design. Consider using muted colors when looking for patterns- bold geometric designs will further stand out when paired with subtle backgrounds.

6. What’s the best way to hang up wallpaper on a flat surface without any bumps or bubbles

In order to hang up wallpaper without any bumps or bubbles, you will need a smooth surface to work with. Sand the surface until it is free from all bumps or bubbles.

Spray water onto your working area including the corners and edges of the wall where you plan on applying/hanging your wallpaper. This will soften the paper and ready it for application.

Make sure that there are no creases in your wallpaper as this can cause bubbles when adhering to a flat surface – use a spray bottle filled with water before hanging if wrinkles do not fall out naturally during humid weather.

When trying to remove wrinkles from pre-pasted vinyl roll, gently rub shine side away from paper back towards center line about an inch at a time with your hand.

After rolling out the wallpaper, start from top left corner and work down towards the right by simultaneously peeling back a section of paper while smoothing onto wall. Continue this process until whole area is covered. Smooth out any remaining bubbles or creases by running a wallpaper smoother over it in a downward motion across its length.




Wallpaper is a cheap and easy way to decorate your home with style. It can be used in different rooms, but it’s important that you choose the right color for each room or else the wallpaper will clash against the furniture or decorations in that particular space. You’ll also need to make sure there are no bubbles on your wall before hanging up any wallpaper because this could damage your walls over time if not removed properly. Hanging up wallpaper without wrinkles is fairly simple- just roll out the paper starting from one corner of the surface until all of it has been applied so you don’t leave behind any air bubbles!

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