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21 Genius Wardrobe Design Ideas Singapore For Small Space HDB Or Condo

Singapore is a small country with limited space. As such, there are many houses that lack the necessary storage to house all of one’s clothes.  In this article, I will discuss genius ways you can redesign your wardrobe for maximum efficiency.

Living in a tiny space can be difficult. We all know that living in a limited space is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With these ingenious and inspirational wardrobe design ideas for small spaces, you’ll never feel cramped again.

The pros of creating an ingenious and inspirational walk-in or built-in wardrobe for small spaces in Singapore

  • Maximize the storage in your small closet or bedroom will save space your room
  • Create an organized and functional layout that really works for you
  • Make sure that all clothes are easily accessible without searching through piles of clutter
  • Find the look that you want to create with your closet design and only exact matches.
  • Make sure you follow all the details of the design to get functional and creative space for your home.

Renovation tips: 21 Genius Wardrobe design Singapore for Limited Spaces

In order to inspire you, we have completed more than 10 houses inspiration with clever wardrobe design ideas and storage options. Scroll down to read! Scroll down to read!


Tinted Glass Doors Wardrobe design

The tints in the glass door designs are an alternative that looks good for modern home design. The colour of the tinted doors brings out the stylish home in a beautiful way.

Steel Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are a distinctive and innovative door product that can be used for any application. The steel sliding door is available in both narrow-stile and wide-stile models with configurations of 1, 2 or 3 sections that slide on the track simultaneously or singly to fill the required opening between floor and ceiling. In addition, various panels are available including framed and frameless designs.


Integrate your wardrobes with the headboard

A headboard is a board or similar piece of wood, plaster, metal, stone etc. placed against a wall, to support the top of a bed, especially a stylish wooden bed.

If your headboard is made of wood, it can be painted or stained in any colour you want. It also depends on the type of material used to how you get the best result for its appearance. Then again, when painting a headboard, make sure that it is clean and dry so that the paint will stick to the surface and look smooth. If you have a wooden headboard, it is possible that there are some cracks due to the movement of your bed or it can be caused by termites since wood is prone to even insects.


Go Floor-To-Ceiling.

Design an armchair from floor to floor, which optically extends the area of the bedroom. Neither must it be bulky necessary! An armchair is a type of chair with an upholstered seat that can be reclined through the use of either a lever (common informal chairs) or a foot pedal. Armchairs are characterized by their seats, armrests and backs which give the user a sense of relaxation.


Creating a wardrobe that doubles up as a feature wall

Use it as part of a wall function In your interior design concept. It might also be a nice method to distinguish between “wall” and wardrobes using a graphical design decal with exact matches.


When creating your perfect walk-in wardrobe, don’t forget colour

A walk-in wardrobe is a spacious closet or compartment. A walk-in wardrobe can be accessed from the inside of the room or house. It is designed for a person to live who cannot use their hands and feet well because they are bedridden, paralyzed, or have an injury that prevents them from getting around. A person living in such a room will usually have an open space behind where cloth and various items are placed.

It is a terrific method used by an interior designer to shaping an individual area and creating a certain mood, whether energizing, elegant, feminine or macho. In a chair, or by painting the wall, you may add colour and vary the former sometimes so that they seem like a new environment. When it comes to a wardrobe, all colours work.


Create a home that would feel like a boutique hotel and also a boutique-style closet.

Creating a house like a shopping hotel as well as CREATE A BOUTIQUE STYLE CLOSET. Several bedroom design and practical clothing rails with pure lines and dark colours were erected by interior designers, creating an exquisite ambience where every garb became part of the décor.


Designers tips: All centimetres Maximise: 

Though we are used to living in tiny places, it doesn’t imply that you have to surrender all your possessions. The pair Humbert & Poyet did for the boutique Hotel The Hoxton rooms in Paris is an excellent illustration of what it achieved. Each corner is a storage area conceivable and may be converted into a bespoke drawer, a rack or a box. The appropriate folding of your garments will also assist maximize space.

Luxury Tip: Shape a Glamorous Walk-in Wardrobe Refuge:

“You should extend your bedroom with your own closet – and pay attention to it!” The closet arrangement was developed that maintained the highest level of utility, but with gorgeous wallpaper and plastered carpet, Lucite rods, mirrors and crystal lights were added to provide a little glamour. When we wanted to make our customer feel like she shopped in her own closet.”


Install Wall Racks And Hangers:

Each walking garment should be equipped with wall racks and hangers to improve efficiency. The quantity needed and the height of the racks is some of the things you have to ask. You may put together or from the same season clothing of comparable size. Try to assess the needed space in advance. It’s not gotta be large. Finding a technique to properly hang your items is important for order


Storing Your Most Used Lightning Sticks at the Eyes

For quick access and increased clarity, explore your most-used things should be positioned on your sightline. Put items under the lower level and items under the lower level. You should be devoted to clothes that you wear most at the front and middle of the wardrobe and you should have other areas used for out-of-season apparel or infrequent clothing, such nightwear, swimming suits or holiday clothes.


The Seating Are Includes:

The whole-height grey-oak-veered wardrobe was incorporated into a tiny vanity space. It is located between a cloaked and flush wardrobe area and adjoining a full-height shoe armoire that allows the final effect to be seamless and the entire room to be used smartly.”


Built-in Wardrobe: Take a look at it for a feeling of dying

The ideal walk-in closet consists of a “built-in  wall-mounted wall mirror that is situated appropriately in the room to show you the entire appearance, head-to-head.” A smaller one works also if you do not have plenty of scope for a huge mirror. As can be observed from this New York project by Louisa Guy Roeder from Homepolish and embellished with Cedar and Moss light, it will reflect light and provide a feeling of depth.


Complete Footwear Designation

I think it is important to have a clear, eye-level view of all your heels and lovely boots. We have constructed a floor to ceiling shoe storage space on roll-out hinges in our recent Kensington Townhouses project to provide double-depth storage. Putting on a stunning pair of heels makes you feel incredible and you should feel just as fantastic while picking the correct one.”


Declutter Organized Get

Tiny space for shirts and folded pants; a long hanging for dresses and jackets; plywood storage; as well as room for shoes and accessories is necessary to arrange for certain warehousing. And we always have a secure shelf concealed off the road.


Walk-in Wardrobes Combine Storage Units for Different Needs Inspiration

The enormous walk-in closet, divided by an oak sliding door from the bedroom, has custom-made, floor to ceiling furniture with storage cabinets of various dimensions and forms. All clothes, footwear, bags and accessories are covered by their volume in particular regions


Use Fixtures Natural Light Display

A beautiful chandelier adaptable space. “We chose to use the characteristics of shopping in a home environment, as businesses were always homemade,” said Elaine Lu. “Well we were thinking, ‘Why can’t we turn it over?'” ” This walk-in closet looks fresh and elegant and has rich pastels and dark tones mixed with patterned ceramic tiles.


Layering light Inspiration

Recessed lighting, a pendant or chandelier to create drama, and, if feasible, lighting above the clothing hanging places are all desirable. Don’t forget to include drawers for jewellery and accessories, as well as a hamper. Another item I would recommend is a broad counter surface for laying out outfits.”

Stay It Minimalist

“Far from resembling a museum, is the product of a continual yet joyful ‘beauty seeking’ via bazaars, antique markets, and vintage stores all over the world.” Gaila, on the other hand, picked a minimalist style with soothing colours and a few items for her walk-in closet to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

138B Toa Payoh Lorong 1A (The Peak DBSS)

Colour-coding your wardrobe

will save you time every morning when you choose your cloth, shoes, and accessories, as well as when you come home to stow the items you used throughout the day. This quick and uncomplicated solution not only serves a practical purpose, but it also provides a pleasing aesthetic. There are other coding systems available, including the rainbow and light-to-dark approaches. To choose where to arrange multi-coloured objects, simply choose the prevailing tone.


A walk-in wardrobe that also functions as a study?

 Yes, please! This is the perfect way to have both of your needs in one place. You’ll be able to get ready for work without having to go into another room and you can do homework or study while getting dressed. Plus, it’s going to save on space since you won’t need an extra room for a desk or study area.

The best part about this idea is that it’s really not that expensive at all which means anyone could afford it! So what are you waiting for?


Get designing!

These clever tricks will help you make the most of your limited square footage without sacrificing style or comfort. From hanging clothes on the walls to using vertical storage, 9 Creation got you covered with these easy solutions!