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What to expect in HDB Renovation Singapore?


Have you bought a new home in Singapore? Isn’t it up to your needs? Well, you always have an option to renovate the existing condition and transform it into something extraordinary. If you are don’t know how you would start your journey towards a fully renovated flat, you can get help from this article.

Let’s start from step one, so you can know what to expect throughout your journey.

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Analyze your home:

You’ll need to analyze your home with a more in-depth perspective because you will guide the renovation company or the interior design company Singapore regarding the changes you need. So, you’ll need to have a deeper looking covering multiple perspectives from interior designers to get the best results.

Hire the interior design company:

When you have deduced about the rooms (bedroom, living room design, bathroom, or kitchen)  that need changes, you need to hire the interior design company. You can start searching for the recommended interior design Singapore or might use your friend and family referrals.

The primary thing you should do is to consult the company and ask for the recommended changes in the rooms you have preselected. You can focus on using the existing equipment or products to make your home look better. However, that won’t be a hundred percent possible, so you’ll need to buy new things and replace the old stuff to make room.

Settle a design concept:

Once you have the quotes from a few companies, you should hire one and ask for the design concepts. At this stage, your recommended interior design Singapore will provide you with a few design options that can make your home or a particular room look better.

You might not like all the changes that the resale HDB renovation company might recommend. So you can ask for changes in the concept. It is recommended to analyze the design plan from all perspectives because once it is implemented, you won’t change it without incurring extra cost.

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Choose the material:

If you want the resale HDB renovation package, you should discuss it with your renovation company already. The things you want to replace can be adjusted by the company itself (depending on the products’ nature and usability).

You should choose the tiles, kitchen tops, and other such things that you would like to be part of your home after renovation. Make sure you keep your recommended interior design Singapore Company in the loop when you make the purchases, as some of the things might not fill up the design concept you have finalized. So, it would create a problem.

Besides, make sure to choose the right color theme when finalizing different products. Buying the products too bright or too light would spoil the entire look. So, keep it in mind.

Manage your built-in features:

The built-in features like the construction of the wardrobe in the room and the kitchen cabinets are another thing that needs your attention. You’ll have to finalize it with your Interior Design Company and share your needs regarding using such stuff to develop a better plan or get recommendations.

Finalize fixtures and accessories:

When you plan a renovation of your home, you would not like to go with the old fixtures. Some might not look well with the new design, so you must keep the color scheme and the method you are finalizing under consideration to the latest fixtures and accessories.

If you think the old ones are a perfect match even with your new design, you can clean them up and use them. However, if you are using them because you don’t have the place to dispose of them, then the Resale HDB renovation package should be the solution you are looking for.

Doors, lighting, appliances, and windows are all part of the fixtures which you can look into, deciding which type matches the overall theme and feel.

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Buying Furniture:

Another important thing that should be part of the renovation plan is buying the furniture. You should choose the color theme that matches your preference in terms of art and design to get the best results.

Summing up:

To get help with the entire renovation plan, you can hire 9 Creation. They are experts in interior designing and renovating homes to make them look perfect. Getting help from professionals can ease the entire process, and you’ll get a fully decorated home.