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Resale Renovation Package

What to look for finding the Kitchen Renovation Singapore Company?

Has your kitchen worn out, or is it just the old look of your kitchen that doesn’t appeal to you anymore? So you must be looking for the Kitchen Renovation Singapore companies these days, is it? But if you aren’t sure what characteristics should be part of the package that the company offers or which company should pick, then the entire article is about this question.

Resale Renovation Package:

One of the priorities you should give is finding the renovation Singapore company providing the resale renovation package. In this package, your old kitchen is made part of the deal. The company can remove your old cabinets and other stuff, providing you with a new kitchen.

While making such a deal, you’ll get a lower overall rate for getting your new kitchen. Besides, you won’t have to worry about your old kitchen’s disposal. The hired renovation company would handle this aspect on its own.

The credibility of the company:

Before you allow any company expert in Kitchen Renovation Singapore to be in your home, you should first check for the credibility of the company’s claims. Analyzing the online profile of the company could be a great way to start with. The testimonials on their website, views on the social media pages, and the audience’s comments could help you analyze the credibility.

The reason for getting into this scrutiny is that you would not like the company, even it is providing the resale renovation package, to start dismantling your kitchen and run away. Or take too long to create a new kitchen. Right?

Kitchen renovation package
Kitchen renovation package

Best price:

The next thing you should look for is the price of the package. Although the resale kitchen and bathroom renovation package allows you to get a better price but what is the company precisely charging from you? Are they providing the right value for your money? If you get a free entirely from the companies under consideration, you’ll be able to shortlist the company providing the best design with the best rates as well.


You are putting in your money and effort, so you are looking for a better design that can be a part of your home for a longer time. So, the design options that the company has should also be amongst the consideration points when hiring the Kitchen Renovation Singapore. If you want to get your existing kitchen better, the company you are considering hiring must provide these services as well.

Asking for the design catalogue and its portfolio is the right way to get started with this aspect. However, there are multiple ways to find the design portfolio and what can a particular company do for you.

Time Duration:

If you want your kitchen fixed before Christmas or some other special occasion, then you should focus on the period that the company would offer. Not all companies are free enough to set your work as a priority. Some of them might charge you extra for the short deadline, but in any case, deciding on the deadline for the completion of the kitchen renovation Singapore is something that you should not ignore.

Asking all these questions before placing the order or signing the contract would be the best way to move further.

Quality of raw material:

You should focus on the quality of the raw materials. If it is wood that makes up most of the kitchen cabinets, you’ll get a different rate and a different outlook compared to the situation when the company uses plastic for this purpose.

Home Renovation TipsCustomization:

If you want any customization in your kitchen, you can ask the renovation company Singapore to get it done for you. It includes customization of the colors and design. However, some companies might want you to choose from their pre-built samples, so you should keep that in mind.

If you are still looking for a company that would help you with all these characteristics in kitchen renovation, then 9 Creation is the right choice. The company provides its customers with the resale renovation package, adjusts deadlines, and provides quality work amongst the significant features f the company’s services. You can get a free quote from the company and enjoy excellent service to its customers.