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What’s Your (Home) Style?

Like your wardrobe or taste in films, your home is a reflection of who you are. Read on to find out more about your particular style and gain some tips on nailing the look for your home.


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A modern style, quite simply, never goes out of style. Classic clean lines, a quality finish and timeless design elements define the Modern aesthetic, one that is not easily swayed by the hottest or latest. Materials such as wood, leather and polished metal feature prominently while in terms of colour, the palette of choice is neutrals such as grey, browns, black and white.

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You are a fan of classic, iconic and timeless looks. Think Audrey Hepburn or Marlon Brando. You stay away from the kitsch and trendy and prefer to pick pieces that are clean and unadorned, because for you, it’s all about going the distance. Certainly, time is on your side because the years only prove that a modern style stays relevant at any age.


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Used to describe design from the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Minimalist in nature, a Scandinavian style is functional and simple and warm. Don’t be deceived by its understated look, behind every well-lit and open Scandinavian home is ample time spent carefully selecting pieces of good craftsmanship made of sustainable raw material.

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You are a fuss-free, minimalist who keeps your external environment clean, perhaps because of a more colourful and creative inner world within. You believe in eco-friendly and sustainable design solutions – where less is more – and have less tolerance for unnecessary clutter or adornments.


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A mixture of styles, influences and inspirations but ultimately tied together in a cohesive whole so as not to descend into messy, cluttered chaos. Eclecticism is one of the hardest styles to master because like painting a masterpiece or composing a song, every object has a particular role to play in the overall harmony and balance of the space. An eclectic style is not afraid to pair zebra stripes with mosaic tiles, floral patterns with baroque, as long as it makes visual sense as a whole.

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You have a bold personality and unique sense of identity that is informed by many inspirations – from the books you read and the films you watch. You have a knack in mixing and matching things effortlessly and have been told that you have a certain flair in the way you do things. You are certainly not afraid of experimenting and being playful with colour and will often try unexpected combinations for fresh results.


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Borrowing from the stripped-down style of factories, lofts and yards, industrial design is facing a huge movement thanks to its mass appeal, functional yet edgy elements and affordability. Raw, unfinished and rough surfaces and textures are all part of the industrial style makeup along with materials such as unfinished wood and metal as well as elements such as exposed pipes and light bulbs, cement screed and distressed furniture.

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Utility takes precedence over other factors for you – if it is not useful, it does not belong in your home. Uninspired by cookie-cutter furniture from the usual stores, you possibly have a few home DIY projects up your sleeve, including up-cycling salvaged materials and reclaimed furniture. While you definitely prefer function over form, you manage to stay cool with sturdy and solid pieces to go along with your raw and direct personality.


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Minimalism is almost an un-style – the opposite of style. It is philosophy of living with only the bare essentials so as to almost become a discipline. Simple, clean lines and shapes, minimal and natural colours, basic furniture and lots of space mirror an owner who believes in paring life down to the key fundamentals. No decorative elements, unnecessary adornments or features are allowed as they are distracting to the pursuit of purity.

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You believe strongly in the intangible and the immaterial in life more than the material. You constantly try to de-clutter and cut back on the amount of things you need and want in life. All this inner work is reflected in your outer world, and you think twice before ever buying one more thing extra to add to your home. You strive to keep your house simple, basic and clean – just like you.

At the end of the day, all you need is an interior designer who perfectly encapsulates what you want in your home, and 9 Creation can help you to connect with our interior designers.