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A very common question is – why are resale renovation projects always more expensive than a brand new BTO one?

Hacking and Removal Works
New homeowners of resale flats usually have to remove or demolish any built-in or additional features left by the previous homeowners. Be it the floor tiles or a feature wall, these usually represent extra costs simply for the time and manpower to remove them. 

Repairs and Fixes
It is common knowledge that things in a home wear out tear after years of usage. After years of living in a unit, you can be very sure there are a few things that need repair – be it the plumbing, piping or flooring of a home. 

Resale (older) Units Are Usually Bigger in Size
According to a government statistic, the average size of homes has been decreasing over the years. What it means is that resale units are usually bigger than brand new ones, and the larger area renovated logically converts into higher costs.