Project well done

I did a lot of research to find reliable contractors. Heard stories about renovation scams and my office colleague was a victim of her contractor’s poor workmanship. So, I started to look for a legit and reputable renovation firm. Since, this is my first renovation project, I felt that it is better to hire someone who has knowledge and expertise in this area. Based on other customer reviews, I have shortlisted 9 creation to handle my renovation project and was introduced to Yan Ling as my ID. Below are my reviews of her

My ID : Yan Ling

1. Gave me a prompt reply to my queries
2. Understands and able to execute project as per my requirements
3. Did gave me suggestion and advice where needed and I took some of her advice.
4. I felt my 2 room BTO renovation project was in safe hands.
5. She was sincere and someone whom you can trust.
6. Helped me where I needed help and also helped to save my budget.
7. Even though my project was small one with budget less than 12k, she still didn’t ignore me and gave good importance to my project. As I heard in other firms some of the IDs will give importance to you only if it’s an expensive bigger project such as 50k, 60k, 100k, 200K etc. so that they can hit higher commission.

Overall, the project was well done.

I am satisfied with the design of the cabinet. The cabinet colors did match my expectation. The concrete sink is well done.

Contractors did complete their task on time. There were issues spotted during inspection but was fixed promptly.

Yes, the designer has given me good customer service. Yan Ling even during her busy schedule has agreed to my request to allocate her time for me to come onsite and coordinate with city gas guy for gas pipe layout in the kitchen. she did prompt reply to my queries.

Value for Money
I am not willing to compromise on the quality. The cost of the project is reasonable, and all done well within the budget.