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9 Design Ideas and Inspiration for HDB Balcony Designs

An HDB balcony design must be versatile enough to accommodate the different needs of the occupants. This is why the designs must be attractive and functional. Some design elements include the type of furniture, lighting, accessories, and décor. If you’re looking for some inspiration for outdoor living space design ideas on your HDB balcony, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our 9 top HDB balcony design ideas for small balconies, large balconies, and the ultimate HDB balcony designs:

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Make your balcony condo area an elegant one

Balcony condos are a definite step up from the more affordable studio apartment. As such, the designers should be aware of their role, understand the needs and requirements of the consumers and then create a product accordingly. To build a classically beautiful balcony, the first step is to install high-quality flooring, such as a floating timber floor.

Balconies are created to look good and provide a wonderful view. Your family and friends will notice that your living space is a little more fun and a little less stuff. You’ll be inspired to create beautiful art pieces to showcase in your home.

Balcony windows for your HDB BTO balcony

If you want to spruce up your current apartments without having to move home, then add a balcony window will help you achieve this goal. Window sills are the low areas of a window frame between the top and top of a window pane.

There are different types of balcony windows on the market. Most people still prefer fold-down windows, but folding windows have advantages, and a better design can make an apartment more spacious. Window tiling, or “window shingling”, is not only more secure but also more attractive, particularly when you’re renovating. Getting a detailed architectural design or a project proposal from a qualified architect is best when planning a major renovation.

Convey your balcony to a cosy spot

Make your balcony a cosy spot for you and your family to relax in. Use pillows, small blankets, a table, and a sofa to make your balcony more comfortable. If you want maximum comfort while reading, add small shelves or magazines to keep books and magazines for when you want to kick back outside.

The most important thing you need is a place to sit. Add seating that allows you to sit comfortably, such as a sofa, chair, or lounger. Make sure it’s large enough for the whole family, so you don’t have to share! Give your balcony a little privacy. A balcony can be a great place for relaxing with friends and family, but if you’re planning to host guests, you might want to give your space a little privacy.

Make your balcony a romantic area in your HDB Singapore

Create an intimate, romantic atmosphere for your guests by hanging lanterns in your window. Use candlelight to accentuate the décor and give your balcony a magical feel. String lights are an excellent way to decorate your garden and enhance the look of your home.

Creating a reading nook in your balcony area

It isn’t easy to see a place other than a reading Nook being used. In the place of a study table, use a plush armchair or beanbag.

After curating a peaceful space for reading and reflection, people will scramble to find a balcony to have some alone time. You might think that only sunny weather is tolerable, but you don’t have to let that stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

Create an intimate space

For a 5-room HDB with a balcony, space is usually abundant. This means you get a larger balcony space with a more open outlook rather than the enclosed balcony spaces that most HDB flats are built to provide.

A big terrace like the one above has plenty of room for seating and is a good size for entertaining. A beautiful home décor piece uses a Christmas tree to bring joy into the household even when unused.

Make your balcony a playground area

Families with young children began looking for houses with balconies, as many wanted to let their children enjoy the fresh air while being safe at home. It’s a good idea to transform a balcony into a play area. There are some ideas to add to the area.

  • A tent filled with pillows for kids
  • An inflatable pool filled with sand is for a playbox
  • The table and chair are small enough for a child to use

The area should be covered with artificial turf or rubber mats. It would help if you secured the zone with proper meshing too.

Change your balcony into a laundry room

You should create a laundry room to make your balcony a utility space. This extra space can be used to make your laundry room more unique.

  • Some shelves can be used to store detergent and fabric conditioners
  • It’s a good idea to put a laundry rack on the balcony ceiling
  • There are clothes, peg baskets, and hangers in this picture

Bar counter for a small balcony HDB balcony 

A small, narrow balcony becomes less valuable if you put furniture there because it won’t accommodate enough. If you want to add a bar and seating to your balcony, install a counter and stools against the rail.  A folding table, clamp-on, or standalone bar table are all affordable options worth checking out. This idea is perfect for a 2-room HDB with balcony ideas.

Both are great options for adding counter space to your apartment or condo. An extra pair of stools can turn an otherwise small table into a more comfortable dining area for an intimate dinner party.


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