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8 Renovation Design Ideas To Maximize Your Old HDB 5-Room Flat

Do you ever feel bored with your current flat and want to upgrade your living space?

When we first move into our home, it usually feels so good because we get to start decorating and making changes to our place to make it look more stylish. However, as time passes, the feeling of wanting to change the place starts to fade because there is already so much clutter and mess.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 8 5-room resale renovation ideas that will help you transform your old flat into a brand-new and comfortable place to live in. So if you want to make your flat feel better, read on…

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Transform your Home Layout

It’s time to change things up by hacking down your walls, reinterpreting your space, and adding some color. You can make one of your unused rooms a walk-in closet or a walk-in wardrobe, and it’s as easy as cutting down the wall between them. This is an excellent way to get more space in your master bedroom. Behind a partially hacked wall is where you can have a bit of privacy in your bedroom.

Use a kitchen cabinet for a sleeker look

You should have many shelves on your kitchen wall. You can place your dishes and utensils on them. You can also add some jars or canisters on top of them. It’s best to keep all your food items in one place. You can store your cookware and food items in the kitchen.

It’s best to store it in a kitchen with lots of storage space and a large refrigerator. The last thing you should think about is the safety of your children. You should keep your children at a safe distance while you are cooking or doing other activities.

Use a glass door to create a bigger space illusion

This is a great way to make your kitchen feel bigger. Having glass-paneled doors will let in more natural light in your kitchen. A closed door will keep you out of trouble. Glass doors are a great idea to make your kitchen look bigger.

You should buy a glass that’s both opaque and durable to last for years. You can add a shelf above the cabinets to create more storage space in your small kitchen. Some other things must be considered if you want to create a large kitchen space.

Open Concept Design

Open concept homes are very popular right now for 5-room bto interior design ideas. It’s a perfect solution to opening up your home space. If you have space, why not do this? You can add some dedicated areas that are good for your relaxation, exercising, meditation, reading or whatever else you love to do. You can either leave your open space as it is or not install any divider between the areas. A textured rug or tiles with different patterns can be used to separate the areas of the room. Keep your areas separated, otherwise you may make your site look a little messy.

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Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors are a little more difficult to implement, regardless of the interior design style and may not be for everybody. In addition to its versatility, a pale wall color also provides a more open-ended, less constrictive feel to the space. Take a look at the many 5-room HDB interior design ideas, which are full of dark shades and palettes. In order to have a comfortable atmosphere in the room, the colours must be white, grey, or pastel shades.

When you choose your colours you don’t have to stick to just an all-white or all-black palette; you could use more of your colours to create a more interesting effect. You can create a rainbow effect by using the same colour on a large area of the wall and gradually fade the colours out as they recede from the viewer’s eye, or you can use one colour for a large area and another colour in small areas that recede. 

Maximize Your Vertical Space

To enhance the living space in your flat, try adding floating shelves in one or more rooms. You can use a hanging shelf or a standing shelf for this. Whether you incorporate them into your bathroom interior design or living room renovation plans, they are essential to keeping the space sleek and stylish. Furthermore, they will free you of the need to install bulky stands and racks.

Finally, your eyes will be able to look straight through the space, making it feel much more spacious without thinking about the 5-room hdb renovation cost. You’ll be amazed that you can arrange your entire room around these elements.

Bring Some Greenery Inside

Incorporating some greenery into your home brings in several benefits, especially in terms of energy efficiency. It also adds to your home’s curb appeal. Indoor plants improve the indoor air quality, beautify the space, satisfy the senses and also enhance the well-being and health of the people who reside there. Plant keeping does not require much experience or advanced training. You don’t have to be a plant expert to keep them. They are generally low maintenance and require very little care.

An HDB interior design using an industrial theme

The first look at this design will show you what to expect. Didn’t this transport you to a different place? This will be your Holy Grail if you love the look. A young family wants their home to look unique. The HDB 5-room renovation design has greys, dark wood shades, and black accents.

How much does it cost to renovate an HDB of 5 rooms?

A 5-room HDB is the most expensive house to purchase and renovate. The renovation costs of a brand-new apartment can be over $50,000. 70% of the renovation costs go to carpentry and 30% to the kitchen. This includes carpentry for three or more large items.

The renovation costs for a resale HDB can be more expensive. A resale flat can cost as much as $65,000 more than a new house.

Other factors can influence the cost of a flat renovation as much as the home’s square footage. The project might require additional funding sources when the repair or demolition work costs more than half the total project price. A 5-room apartment costs about $30,000 to $45,000. For a resale apartment, a cost of $60,000 is more realistic.

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What Is a Suitable 5-Room HDB Renovation Package?

Personal savings and home renovation loans can be used to fund your HDB project including 5-room renovation cost. The HDB renovation cost depends on the size of the house. A new 5-room HDB renovation package costs more than ,500. Most of your HDB 5-room resale renovation package budget goes to carpentry, furniture, flooring, and appliances.

New Properties Cost (starting at)
2-Room BTO Design $10,000
3-Room BTO Design $14,500
4-Room BTO Design $17,500
5-Room BTO Design $19,500


Resale Properties Cost (starting at)
3-Room Resale Renovation $32,000
4-Room Resale renovation $36,000
5-Room Resale Renovation $39,000


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