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7 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For Cost-Effective Looks

You have lots to do in the kitchen; eating, drinking, cleaning, and relaxing—a lot happens. Designing a space so that your activity will run smoothly is critical, but that doesn’t mean the space has to be ugly, either. Simple kitchens are the most beautiful, because they’re less cluttered, giving the opportunity to showcase the grandeur of your kitchen.

One of the rooms that can be expensive is the kitchen. The simplest kitchen designs will cost the least, and they’re an excellent choice for you if you have a tight budget. You can save money in terms of materials by using an arrangement of the kitchen. Here are 7 simple kitchen design ideas for your cost-effective looks for you to get started:

Reduce unnecessary details

It’s a big task, so it’s going to cost a lot. Simple kitchen design is the concept of using kitchen designs that eliminate or reduce unnecessary details and colors. In order to avoid looking unvaried, it is good to make variations of white. It’s also important to note that some materials aren’t as expensive as they look. Ultimately, you can create a simple kitchen design low cost budget.

Use greenery for a more sophisticated look

Adding fresh-cut plants to a kitchen is a great way to make it more beautiful. With plants, the kitchen isn’t lacking anything either. You can give this room a sophisticated feel by using classic style furniture, like the tall mirrors, the beautiful natural wood, and the brass lamps.

Choose soft colors

Nice-looking, well-appointed kitchens don’t have to be expensive or involve a huge remodel. A lot of effort can be put into an outdoor space with minimal expense if you know what you are doing.

You can always go with the standard colors. Just remember, it doesn’t mean staying standard. You may not need color in every part of your kitchen. You can still choose white cabinets, gray accenting, and marble countertops, but you can also make do without color in small places.

Try an industrial kitchen theme

If you want to make any improvements to your kitchen, not all parts of it need to be finished. A good way to save money is to use as many of your existing materials as possible and avoid using new materials. You can combine unfinished pieces of furniture and use them to make a combination living room set. As this is, of course, will reduce a lot of costs in the application of tabletops.

This kitchen concept, apart from saving money, will present a simple kitchen design with a relatively thick industrial look. To maximize your savings, you should add more kitchen accessories that cost less.

Use open shelving for a more spacious kitchen feels

If you’re looking for a new kitchen design, open shelving is a great budget kitchen idea. It helps the room appear bigger and frees up walls. One advantage is that open shelves allow the kitchen to feel larger and brighter if you have a small kitchen design. A kitchen, for example, can be made more spacious and attractive by using open shelves. Simple style shelves look good for a simple style kitchen.

Monochromatic kitchen for a simple look

Paring down your design to a single color and committing to that color from the kitchen door to the refrigerator is a bold design choice in its own right. Little details with different colors like vertical cabinet pull to make the eye travel down and rest, giving a pleasing flow to the space. 

Checkboard tiles as your kitchen focal point

Designing a kitchen in an unassuming color palette like black and white checkerboard marble tile gives the room a sense of grandeur and makes it memorable. The kitchen looks more professional and polished with black and white checkerboard flooring. The larger format and high gloss shine keep the look sophisticated and modern. While using this tiles, you can use simple kitchen cabinet design.

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