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Try These 5 Useful Ideas For Your 5 Room HDB Renovation!

Does your living room space look old and tired? Does it feel a little cramped and outdated? If so, you might be wondering if your HDB flat can be fixed up with just some small, basic changes?

The truth is, the small changes we make in our own homes can often be the difference between an awesome renovation project and a total mess. And sometimes, small changes can turn a great home into something absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately, most people end up doing more harm than good with their home renovations. Often they make a complete mess and then get frustrated when they get their money back. But what they actually did was spend all that money and wasted all their time and effort.

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 useful ideas that you can try to make your own home a bit more appealing and a lot easier to live in. All these 5-room hdb renovation ideas will take just a few minutes of your time and they can have a significant impact on your home.

So if you want to try to give your home a bit more life and appeal, then read on…

Create an airier home by adopting the compact Japanese style

Some of the best houses in Japan are compact, but there are other ways to make them more spacious for home design for 5-room flat.

There is no reason why you should not combine both – and create an airy and expansive home that offers a fresh design. You can make use of the space available to the maximum, and still have a beautiful home. The Japanese style is known for being compact, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be combined with other styles. 

Separate wet and dry kitchen area

In this section, the larger appliances, like the fridge, the microwave and the coffee maker have all been relocated to the built-in cabinets that extend into the kitchen. This kitchen design allows homeowners to keep their hosting essentials close to hand, as it gives them more work space in the wet kitchen area.

Despite its messy state, the kitchen was still not overlooked in this makeover. With large glass windows and sliding doors, this kitchen is kept bright and airy while preventing any unpleasant odors from escaping.

Taking down walls is one way to reform your home.

The 5-room flat is a good investment, and you can make it even more roomy with a few simple modifications. This home makes it possible to enjoy your favourite shows, films and games in the main living area. Then, a similar treatment was done on both the walls and floor to make sure the transition between the two spaces is seamless.

Of course, there’s more. As you walk in, you’ll notice that this home truly does have a little something extra. Many of its fittings and fixtures add to the illusion. For example, the reflective surfaces mounted above the study area, glass doors that overlook into the kitchen, galleys full of full-height cabinets and nooks that house bulky furniture like beds and fridges. This outdoor living space creates a unique and spacious living space with ample breathing room, while making it appear as if the house is much larger than it really is.

Replace the study space with a cosy nook!

It’s a great time to replace that boring study space with a cosy nook. Change it into a space for relaxing and dining, and you have a lovely seating arrangement for one.

To maximise the large space they had, you can create a small nook with soft furnishings to break up the large open area in 5-room hdb design. They added raised seating and lowered the bed to provide adequate shade when opened. 

Rethink your bedroom spaces

You can built a bedroom spaces which features an unconventional layout of bedrooms. Try this: converted one room into a walk in wardrobe / vanity area. The other bedroom features a rather unconventional layout. 

But if you’re ready to stop looking at your bedroom as a bedroom and more of a study or office, you can make this room into a mini lounge area and bi-fold room.


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