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7 Stunning Bedroom with Wardrobe Design Ideas

Bedroom with wardrobe designs would be fairly simple, if they were only for clothing. However, most of our wardrobes do much more than that. As creatures of habit, we amass a slew of belongings we call our own—some sentimental, some functional and some through hoarding. Most of these belongings contribute to our personal style, from clothes to accessories and he of investment, our belongings are also a part of our identity, and it is second nature to want to preserve and store them well.

The dilemma is the seeming choice between scant storage or bulky wardrobes that cramp the style of a compact space. Get past the cupboard conundrum with some smart and creative thinking. Here are seven wardrobe design ideas that bring neatness to a room without making it feel boxed in.

1.The mirror use

You already know this trick, don’t you? Mirrors multiply to make the room feel larger than it actually is. Having reflective mirrors on the wardrobe panels not only makes a modish statement, but also substitutes for the dressing-up mirror.


2.Built-ins that exploit niches

Ready-made freestanding furniture does not always fit perfectly on limited bedroom walls. In such cases, a niche can be used to make the most of the space available. Niches can be built into wardrobes to save even more room in small bedrooms. In this room, an awkward and narrow niche is used efficiently by installing a tall wardrobe.


3.The headboard wall expanded

Wall-to-wall space has been utilised here as storage cabinets and cupboards. The child’s bedroom features an open shelf, which is used to display toys and books. It completes the setup by connecting the wardrobes on each side.

4.Open capsule

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes and accessories worn frequently. A piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, will help to store this. Additional clothing can be stored at another place – the dresser chest, a nearby closet or store room.


5.Surround solution

In this room, the wall around the doorway is used to provide floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Overhead storage is great for lofty bedrooms with a small footprint. Such wardrobes can pack a punch over a small floor area.


6.Sliding doors

Small rooms can benefit from sliding doors. Sliding doors eliminate the need for a door frame and can free up considerable floor space, which helps unhindered movement within the room.

7.No doors

Wardrobe doors take up extra floor and wall space for swinging open. Sliding doors might not work if you have to work with a very limited width, as well. A well-organized closet can be left open or covered with curtains to save that extra space. Neutral-colored curtains impart a laid-back and relaxed feel to this bedroom.

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